My Vision of Jesus

Back in the early 70’s, I was in with a small group of people who had home prayer meetings. We had all left the church system at this time. God had led each of us out of that. We began praying together. At first, we were kind of weak in this matter; but after a while of consistent prayer, we came to have the great power of God each and every time we met together.

We did not try to have a ‘church’ type meeting; but rather we just sat facing each other. We prayed for Jesus to lead us each time. We met almost every day. I fully believe this is how God intends for us to worship.

The Holy Ghost always led us what to do. We each waited for His leadership. It was more wonderful than I could ever describe.

One night we were at a friends home. At first we were all kind of bound down and could not pray. We were all in the same bondage. Then God moved on me and I knew what to do. I stood up [we had all been kneeling] and said out loud, Satan, I rebuke; I refuse to be bound by you. when I said this, The Spirit of the Lord moved on each of us and we began to break forth in great praise and worship. We really had the victory then.

After that we always knew how to have victorious services.
Then at another prayer meeting at this same home, we were all kneeling and praying. Soon after the prayer began, I began to see a vision. In the vision I was kneeling at the foot of the cross. Jesus was hanging on it. I was kneeling with several other women. We were all crying.

I felt this great love coming from him to me. I felt compelled to look up. As I looked up, Jesus was looking straight out. But when I was looking up at him, he looked down at me. He had the most beautiful eyes, so full of the sweetest love I have ever seen. They were so tender looking; so full of love.

It was just so awesome to feel, that I just looked back down. But then, I looked up again; again he was looking straight out. But as I looked up, he again looked down at me with that same tender look of compassion and love.

This happened several more times. It was thundering and lightening and misty dark all around us. He had black hair.

This was an open vision; it lasted quite a long while; not just a momentary thing. I looked at this vision for a good five minutes or so.

After the vision lifted, I came back to my present surroundings and told the others of the vision I had experienced. Every one of them told of a vision they had each had. Each one of us had experienced a different vision of Jesus. Each vision was similar; but different.

It was quite amazing. The glory and joy of this wonderful Spiritual visit is beyond description.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

One thought on “My Vision of Jesus

  1. ~~~~~~~~~MY FIRST  VISION~~~~~~~~~There may have been some visions before this one; but nothing outstanding which I can remember as of now.As I have told before, I was raised in the Baptist Church. Here I was taught that visions, dreams, speaking in tongues, shouting in the Spirit, or any other type of manifestation of the spirit was of the devil. So, I had no desire to speak in tongues. I had swallowed down their lies.But, after many years of diligent study of the word, I began to see that I was not getting what I needed from God. I became very, very hungry for something real; something more than I was seeing here. I said to God, If you are all that this Word says you are, there has to be more to serving you than this.Shortly after that, I was sitting on the piano stool one Wednesday night. I was just disgusted as I looked around at that ‘dead’ congregation. Then, God spoke to me as clearly as you read this. He said to me,“I want you to leave this church and never go back”.I was very excited; for I knew it was God who spoke to me. I had no idea what He wanted me to do next. But I obeyed what He said to me.Well, in a short while I was again going back to the Pentecostal Church I had attended as a very small girl; before my Daddy made us start going to the Baptist Church.As I watched their joy; and the wonderful way the prayed and worshipped. I became so hungry for the power of God to be in my life, that I could hardly stand it. I sought God diligently every day.On night as the testimony service was going on, a lady was testifying about the glories of Heaven. I could not see anything in the Church except a line of light from her to me. This astonished me very much.After she finished testifying, I stood up to testify. As I began to talk, something came on me and I could not make my voice work. I tried and tried to say the words I meant to say; but they would not come out. I did not know what to make of this. I was too backward to even clap my hands as they did.That Baptist doctrine had completely subdued me into nothing as far as knowing how to worship.I became very nervous and uneasy about this; for never before in my life had I been unable to make my voice work. The people had become very excited; for they knew that the Spirit of God was dealing with me. But as for me, I had no idea what was going on. All I knew was that something was wrong; for I tried to make me words come out and they would not.Then I looked away at the far corner of the Church: there I saw a very clear vision of myself with my hands raised up to God; and I was speaking in TONGUES.This astonished me more than I can tell you. For I do not remember every having had a vision before.I was too backward to even clap; much less raise my arms up in the air this way. I certainly did not desire to speak in tongues; did not believe in it.I kept looking at myself in that vision. I looked very happy as the people in the Church did as they got into the Spirit. This was what I longed for; but I did not want to do what I saw myself doing. I was afraid of this.God spoke to me and told me to do what I saw myself doing ~~ raising my hands to Him. He said if I spoke another word, it would be THAT WAY.He was offering me the Holy Ghost now; He was offering me what I so much desired ~~~~~~ to feel His glorious power on me ~~~yet, I was afraid to raise my hands. I tried again to speak; for I felt embarrassed to just be standing here this way, not saying a word. Of course, the Church knew God was upon me; and they were rejoicing. They knew what was going on.Then, I just sat down; for I could not bring myself to raise my hands that way. He had let me know that if I spoke another word, it would be in TONGUES; which I did not even believe in~!!!!!!!!!I felt very, very down hearted at myself after I sat down; for I knew I had missed what He had offered me; missed it out of my backwardness; caused by Baptist raising.I then told God that if He would give me another chance, that I would do what He wanted me to do, IF IT KILLED ME. For, I felt that to do this would be almost that.Some how, I KNEW from this experience, that I would receive the Holy Ghost during the testimony service and not as is customary ~ after the preaching.I began telling everyone that I would receive the Holy Ghost during the testimony service. I was absolutely SURE of this. My husband asked me how I knew this ~~~~~~~ I told him I do not know how I know, I just know.Well, as you which have read my personal testimonies, know, that is just how it did happen. But that is another long testimony in itself; so I will close for now; and try to tell the other later.God bless you all ~~~~~~ all who are hungry for a real relationship with God ~~~~ not just a‘Belief’ thing.Jo 


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