No Sealing Happening

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No sealing happening

Again, not thinking this will be a full message, but God was just showing me some great signs in earth. I do have a few friends here who wish to read these things, so I write them.

When I lay down to rest and begin thinking on the things of God, He speaks to me and teaches me more wonderful things.

I had just read and posted on my message, called the Seal of God.
I was thinking on those six men. The one among them was Jesus going about sealing the people of God. His seal is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost evidenced with the speaking in tongues. That is crystal clear in Scripture. 
Now think on this; This is the one thing most churches scoff at and mock and deny. Yet it is the very means of sealing the saints of God. All who do not receive this seal, during the time it is being given out, are then set for destruction.

I was thinking, ‘Who are those six men’? Now during six churches sealing was happening. But during the seventh church, no sealing is happening. So those six men must be those six churches. Jesus was among these. But when he died, he said, It is finished. That seventh one finishes it.

Now what came to me just now: God said the seventh or last Church or Laodecia, is naked, wretched, blind, poor and does not know it. He said I will spew them out of my mouth… why?

They did not receive the seal of God; they did not receive the Holy Ghost with the speaking in tongues. The man with the writer’s inkhorn said, my TONGUE is the pen of a ready writer.

What came to me is this: during the Laodecian church no one was receiving the seal. No one was being sealed. No one was being begotten of Christ.

No one had life in them. It is a dead church. Why is this last church dead? They have accepted the lie that God does not give the baptism of the Holy Ghost now. They do not speak in tongues now. They do not receive the gifts of the Spirit now. They are flat denying the true God and his Salvation.

They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. So they are no longer coming into the family of Christ.

So then because of this lifeless condition, the seal of God is finished being given out and it is now time to destroy those who did not receive that Seal of God.

This corresponds with the same time as when the door is shut and no one can come in to the wedding. He shuts the door and they begin to say, open to us. But he says to them I know you not. The DOOR IS NOW SHUT.

No more can come in. Get this, people of God.

This SIGN in earth…..(or is it really the real thing? I am beginning to wonder).
During the preceding presidency in our country, the door was wide open. All kinds of enemies had free run of this nation. They came in by the thousands, and worked all kinds of evil. They robbed, they killed, they raped etc. It brought our nation to a place of destruction….BUT

God had mercy and brought a deliverance; but with this deliverance came a dividing line. Now I see the sheep being divided from the goats….but..

Something God just gave me….. Donald Trump, our seventh trump, is now CLOSING THAT DOOR. He wants no more enemies to come in. Such glory!

The Ladocian church got into the horrible shape it was in because they opened their doors to any and all who wished to come in. None of them were being sealed by God, so they were enemies to the kingdom of Christ. They taught the people lies. They denied the gifts of the Spirit. They denied the baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues.

They denied the only means of having sins remitted….. as God said, by repenting of sin and being baptized in water in the Name of Jesus Christ.
So there is no sealing going on. Hence, they are dead, naked lukewarm and about to receive the wrath of God. Remember God had told the men with the destroying weapon to WAIT till the man with the inkhorn had sealed the servants of God. The angel who was sent to hurt the earth was told to WAIT till we have sealed the people of God.

These many who came in that wide open door took the people away from all the truth of God. Those false shepherds were really wolves, hirelings, accepting pay for deceiving the people. They took them into all the heathen holidays which is devil worship.
So this last church produced no living children of God. They had no new births. They had no one being sealed by God. So with that condition, the one doing the sealing goes back to the one who sent him out to do the sealing and said, I am finished doing what you sent me to do. So this brings the time when the men with the destroying weapon in their hand go out to destroy all who did not receive that Mark of God in their forehead.

This means that the door to salvation is now closed. The door to the Wedding is closed. No more can come in. You brought in all manner of evil and wicked ones doing much evil and killed the life out of the last church, so now the door is SHUT.

I am telling you all, God showed me this is exactly why this battle is going on in our nation right now. The wicked ones see this door is closing and they are left on the outside. They see the signs but do not know how to discern them.

Donald Trump is in the place of Christ Jesus. I do not fully know how far this goes but I know it is in the signs in earth. He is now closing our door to this country. He sees this need and is working to keep the wicked ones out. He may not ever know it, but it is the Christ now closing the door to a church which brought forth no fruits.

They did not want this MAN TO RULE OVER THEM.

To know the Word of God is the most wonderful thing on earth.

Thank you, my God, for revealing your secrets to me.

By: Jo Smith ….. July 5, 2018

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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