Virgin With Child

This is one of my answers on the Yahoo. question/answer religion section, where I do most of my work. the question was,  If Jesus was God, was heaven without God while Jesus was on earth.  
My answer:

Jesus was not God, nor did he exist before he was born. He was born just like us, only conceived without sex. God sent his Holy Ghost which overshadowed Mary and caused her to conceive a child NOT by putting a seed of god inside Mary…
just by being God he can bring forth life any way that he chooses. So he chose this means of bringing a child into the world, which man had nothing to do with.

this child grew in grace and knowledge and favor with God and men. He never sinned and loved God all his life so much that when he was 30 years old and was baptized by John,
God sent the Holy Ghost
and put this Holy Spirit inside JESUS, thus, the VIRGIN of Isa 7 conceived a son of God, inside his heart.
Thus Jesus was a virgin with child; child of the HOly Ghost.

It brought forth the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD, at his resurrection. Romans 1:4.

After this, God took this holy man to heaven, set him on God’s throne and gave this holy man to be our Lord and our God. We are now commanded to worship this Son of God

Then Jesus became the God who puts the Holy Ghost inside us, when we repent and he begets another son of God, inside us.

thus we are a VIRGIN WITH CHILD…CHILD OF THE HOLY GHOST, to be born AGAIN, at our resurrection.

Now if you read all of this, you will have heard the real truth, probably for the first time.

Can you hear it? If so, you too can be a virgin with child of the Holy Ghost, If not, you will never be saved. any of you.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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