Fake Holy Ghost

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Fake Holy Ghost;  fake holy spirit 

By:  Jo Smith…Dec 30, 2017

God was giving me this message last night.  The truth is not liked and this truth most certainly will not be liked…..but the truth must be told.  The Trumpet of God must sound..those who do not take warning will be destroyed, yet we watchmen will have delivered our own soul, by warning you.

Jesus Christ said, few there be that find the way to eternal life.  He said, wide is the gate that leads to hell and many go in thereat.  He said, narrow is the way that leads to life and FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT.

So now, think a minute:  do you think that the MANY who keep holidays,  who make merry and exchange gifts are the FEW THAT WILL FIND ETERNAL LIFE?  IF SO, then the saying is a lie.  Few there be that find it….many keep holidays;  in fact almost everyone does.  So that cannot be the FEW.  Think, how FEW of us stand against this evil? 

But what makes the many think they can still do the very things that God commands us not to do, and still find eternal life?  Simple;  they have a FAKE SPIRIT.  There are many churches that give their people a fake holy ghost.  Yes, they truly think that because they have rejoiced a bit;  laughed a  bit;  spoke in some kind of ‘tongues’ and done a bit of dancing about;  or sing in church or preach, that they have the Holy Ghost.

But then why does not their ‘holy ghost’ …or..holy spirit as the other churches call it…why does not that spirit do what Jesus said the Holy Ghost will do?

Jesus said, ‘when he is come He will LEAD you and GUIDE you into ALL TRUTH’.

Then why do all these many church goers not continually grow in knowledge of the Word of God?  Why do they think the Word of God is of very little importance?  The WORD OF GOD is God and is the very most important thing in the world….It is certainly the most important thing for the Christian life.  Prayer and the Word of God is the only means one has of contacting and knowing God.  When you think you must run to some theater-type church building to get with  God, or to hear from God, or feel God’s spirit, you have a fake spirit.  The true  Spirit of God is with us each and every minute.  We can and should stay in contact with God. 

When you still believe the very same doctrine that you believed years ago, it proves the Holy Ghost is NOT leading you or guiding you into ALL TRUTH.  No church has truth and so if you only listen to them and never study for yourself and grow as God speaks to you, interpreting the Word of God to you,  you will never find truth and therefore have a fake spirit, thinking it is the Holy Ghost or spirit.

Jesus said he that believes shall do the SAME WORKS that I do;  heal the sick;  speak in tongues; cast out devils, etc.  Yet most everyone who says they are believers and have the spirit of God, DO NOT DO ANY OF THIS…..so this proves you have a fake spirit.

God commanded us not to look at how the heathens worship their gods and try to do the same to him..He said do not do anything  as worship to me that I did not COMMAND YOU TO DO.  Deut 12.  God did NOT command us to do any holidays.  He commanded us not to bless the day of the birth of Jesus or anyone. 

He said all that they do is an abomination to me.  That means God hates those things.  He refuses them as worship and will cast you out of his kingdom.  God said, the things which are highly esteemed by man is an abomination to God.  Nothing is more highly esteemed than the holidays;  especially Xmess.  Yet you folks, claiming to have the Holy Ghost, JUST LOVE THIS MESS.  You would not part with it for anything.

You will not even read these messages, for you know they speak against your evil ways.  God will still judge you for your evil.  When you teach children that Dec 25 is the birthday of Jesus and that God wants us to do such as decorating trees, exchanging gifts, all kinds of mess, to celebrate that birthday, you are sinning big time and leading those children down the road to hell fire.  You have a fake spirit when you can do these things and just love this evil mess.  You know not the true God.  You have NOT the true Holy  Ghost or Holy Spirit.

You can deceive yourself all you wish to, but you will still be sent to hell, for you are in total disobedience to the Living God.  Jesus said, if you love me, keep my commandments.  He commanded us not to do such things…..so you could not love Jesus…You have the fake jesus.  Yes, Paul said they should bring up a false jesus.  they did just that and every church out there is worshiping this fake jesus;  loving the fake holy spirit/ghost.  Can you really think that the lies told of Xmess, easter, halloween, and all such evil things, really bless Jesus?  Please Jesus?  are done because of Jesus?  to please Jesus?  no one with the true Holy Ghost could believe those lies.  You think the lies of santa and his fake deers is done because of Jesus?  Then all you know is that fake jesus.  The true Jesus said, SPEAK TRUTH TO EVERYONE.  All LIARS will have their part in the lake of fire.  That is where your fake holidays are sending you and your children…hell fire. 

Just because you may have once had a little something with what you call God, does not mean that you are a true child of God today.  When you can love the evil things of this world, such as TV, movies….lying made-up books, holidays, you most certainly do NOT HAVE THE TRUE SPIRIT OF GOD.  You could not do those things if you did.

You can think I am wrong in this all you wish…you think cause you love some church or preacher or fake prophet, that you are a child of God….but that is not what proves you are a child of God.  Obeying God, loving the things that God said to do and hating the things that God condemns is what proves which spirit you have.  When you cannot give up your holidays, your other sins, you DO NOT HAVE THE HOLY GHOST.  You are not a child of God….you are a child of satan.

And this is why you hate for me to teach this truth.  You cannot stand to hear the truth.  You cannot stand to talk about these things and this proves you have a satanic spirit and call it the holy spirit.  You are totally deceived.

When you must cut someone off, that speaks to you about  God,  when you  must change the conversation because you cannot speak of the things of God and Scripture, it proves you have a FAKE SPIRIT and not the Spirit of God.

You refuse to be corrected.  You refuse to listen to those of us who speak truth to you.  You lead your children down that same road to destruction.  You have a FAKE SPIRIT AND IT IS NOT HOLY AT ALL.  It is evil spirit of satan. 

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