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by joie

Ghost and Spirit are NOT PERSONS.  there is no such thing written in the word of God as a ‘PERSONALITY IN THE GODHEAD.’Now if you think there is, please quote that verse here for me.  I want to read that.Now if you will do a search, you will see that Holy Ghost is NOT ONE TIME MENTIONED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT.Do you have any idea why?  Of course you do not.  You think it has something to do with old English words, or some different Greek words.  It has nothing to do with either.   God does NOT MAKE MISTAKES OR ERROR.  If the KJF is full of error, it is not God’s word at all, so why bother to read it.  And if it is false, how much more are all the others false.  Then you find yourself without one solid thing to stand on.Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit are NOT THE SAME THING, AND NEITHER ONE IS A PERSONALITY.In the OT, the only times ghost is mentioned  [and I say if the word has something to do with a difference in usage in Hebrew or Greek or English, then why is it even rendered as ghost 11 times?  Surely they knew the difference in the words, ghost and spirit?]  Holy Spirit is used only 3 times in the Old Testament.  Each time ghost is mentioned in the OT, it is connected with someone dying;  death.God is a SPIRIT.  It does not say God is a ghost, now does it?  Do you think God is a ghost?SPIRIT…..means a supernatural being or essence.  It also means to give life to the physical organism.But what about GHOST?  Have any idea at the difference?  No you do not.  You have not sought God’s Word and Spirit for this truth.  You jumped all around in man’s tales and junk for answers.  Carnality!  The carnal mind is DEATH.Now. GHOST means the disembodied soul. :  the seat of life or intelligence:.. the soul of a dead person believed to be an inhabitant of the unseen world or to appear to the living in bodily likeness.Now that is from the Webster’s Collegiate.It fits what the word of God teaches.Spirit, or Holy Spirit is God.  it is the Father.  He can send or place His Holy Spirit on certain people.  But since it was only mentioned three times in the OT, it is something he did not do many times.Now on the other hand,  Ghost….is the disembodied soul, or the life or intelligence, of a dead person believed to be inhabiting the unseen world or to appear to the LIVING in bodily likeness.   SOUND FAMILIAR?  It should if you ever read Acts 2.The HOLY GHOST DESCENDED IN FORM OF A DOVE!!!!!  what was it?  The disembodied soul of JESUS CHRIST.True.  and wonderful in its meaning.  It is the POWER from on high to empower those disciples who stood true to Jesus.  Jesus had told them, the things that I do SHALL YOU DO ALSO,  because I go to my Father.Why?  Because then,  AFTER  GOD GAVE JESUS THE SAME POWER AND AUTHORITY AS GOD HIMSELF POSSESSES, TO GIVE LIFE TO WHOM HE WILL, AS DOES GOD,  THEN JESUS HAD THE SAME ABILITY TO SEND HIS OWN……….GET THIS…..GR…..AND ALL OF YOU……GET THIS…..LISTEN AND LEARN TRUTH FROM GOD…NOT SOME LITERATURE OR TV BOOKS OR PROGRAM……….FROM GOD’S WORD.TO SEND HIS OWN GHOST BACK INTO HIS DISCIPLES……CAN YOU UNDERSTAND THE ENORMITY OF THIS?  JESUS CHRIST SENT THE GHOST  [DISEMBODIED SOUL]  JESUS’ OWN SOUL OR HIS OWN SEAT OF LIFE AND INTELLIGENCE…….BACK INTO HIS DISCIPLES!!!GLORY TO MY GOD…….  !  WHEW!  THIS IS WHY PETER COULD NOW RAISE THE DEAD,,,,,,,AS JESUS HAD…..HE NOW HAD THE SOUL OF JESUS INSIDE HIMSELF!!!!  WOW.   NOW PETER COULD HEAL PEOPLE JUST BY PASSING BY THEMMMMM………POWER!!!!!!   PAUL COULD ALSO RAISE THE DEAD….FOR NOW JESUS LIVED INSIDE HIM….  whew  this is just about too much.They could turn the world upside down,  for Now Jesus lived inside them.  It was unseen to this world.  they saw the works  but understood not  how these natural men could accomplish these mighty deeds…….they knew Jesus had done these things…..but now these fishermen were healing everyone who asked for healing…..they were raising dead folks….they were doing might works and miracles…just as Jesus had done.People you have no idea what you are doing when you mock this Holy Ghost.  It is the very soul of JESUS CHRIST.  It is not God the Father.  It is not the Holy  Spirit.  It is the Holy Ghost.  the disembodied soul of a  DEAD PERSON. That is what the dictionary says.  This dead person was JESUS.  Yes, folks, he had to die before He could send this Holy ghost back onto us.  We have received this ghose of Jesus because he had to first die, before he could send his disembodied intelligence back into us. It is the power from on high to annoint the Apostles and us to be His Witnesses.Unless you can perform the supernatural, you do not have any Holy Ghost.  It is certain that you do not have any Holy Spirit.  God the Father does not send that to us.  He gave us to His Son, Jesus.  Jesus sends us His soul, his intelligence.  This is why he said the things which I do shall you do and more, because I go to my Father.  After he went to his Father, he could then send his Ghost upon us…….for God gave Jesus the power God has.Jesus is our God.  It is his soul in us.  Jesus lives inside me.  It is the HOLY GHOST.I will never deny this HOLY GHOST……FOR JESUS DIED  TO GIVE IT TO ME.People wake up!  quit listening to carnal minds taking away your glory, your truth from you.  Listen!  If you have the Holy Ghost in you,  It is Jesus Christ living inside you, in ghost form.He had to die so it would be his ghost.  the disembodied soul of a dead person.   It did not come from the Father, for the Father never died…..indeed cannot die. So he is never said to have a Holy Ghost.  His is the Holy Spirit.Of course all of you who believe they are one and same person, or a trinity, of equal beings,  you have no chance of seeing this great and wonderful truth.Paul said it is CHRIST …….IN….YOU…….THE OR YOUR HOPE OF GLORY.thank you Lord Jesus for giving me your Ghost to teach me your thoughts!Jo Smith9,/17/ 05

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

One thought on “Holy Ghost

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    Me…now…today.  Just as I went to shift back to the main board, my eyes caught on the words of the woman at the well.  I had already returned to the main board, and this revelation came to me…so I came back here to write what god showed me just in that split moment.

    The woman wanted spiritual things, not natural, carnal.
    She said to Jesus, Give me of this living water, so I will never thirst again, NOR COME HERE TO DRAW.

    See, she wanted the spiritual truth of God, and not be drawing up ‘water’ from the denominational church’s wells.

    They have broken cisterns which cannot hold water.  They are dry.

    She did not want to draw up carnal teachings ever again.

    So I say with her, Lord Jesus, evermore, give me that living water, so I do not draw up carnal doctrines from their broken cisterns, or my carnal mind.

    Glory.  These old messages have great truth and food for the soul.

    Jo SMith


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