Date Posted:01/26/2016 6:13 PM

I believe that when God reveals things to someone, it is our duty to tell it to others.  Jesus said, I have not withheld thy word from the great congregation.  Paul also said same thing.A few days ago, God was showing me something.I also happen to know that the real truth is not liked by many people.  Nevertheless, it must be told.  Souls need to seek total translation out of the kingdom of Satan, over into the kingdom of Christ.This MUST happen in this life, BEFORE death takes you out.
God showed me what it truly means that husband and wife become one FLESH.He said this pertains to Christ and the Church.The Spirit of God comes into our soul and together, we, (my flesh and spirit) become one with the body of Christ, where there is neither male nor female.  We are all the same….flesh of Christ.
Now, God showed me that when someone begins what they call, living for God, they also hang onto the things of satan or the human flesh.As time goes on, they refuse to let go of the things of the world.  In doing this, they fail to be translated out of this kingdom of satan, into the kingdom of Christ.  You cannot be part in one and also part in the other.  You must come all the way out of satan’s kingdom to be placed into the kingdom of Christ. 
It matters not how much they attend some church, how much they may do other things  =…  singing, music,  speaking in tongues, shouting or anything else…as long as they cling to the things of satan, such as holidays, drinking, adultery, lying, stealing, slandering someone, or any such ungodly stuff,  …THEY have not been  moved out of the kingdom of satan.
Jesus died to set us free….. he opened that door…of your prison.But now, when you sit still in that prison den, enjoying the life you are used to and like, … you may  ‘look’ out the door or window, and think,  yes, that other kingdom has a lot to be desired….but ,  the price is just tooo high for me to pay…. I like it better in here, where I can still be proud of myself,.. my family… do xmess,  decorate that tree,,   give and receive those xmess presents…  have people looking up to me… etc….
This keeps you in the PRISON, OR KINGDOM OF SATAN…..even though your run to your ‘church’ faithfully, pay your preacher, etc….still, you have NOT been translated out of that kingdom of satan, into the kingdom of Christ.  (if you had, you could not continue to do these things which God hates.)
In this kingdom of Christ,  JESUS take full place in one’s life.  Even self has to be taken down off that high seat and placed on the low seat.
Now much more could be said to explain this, but truly, anyone who wishes to see this truth, can do so just from these few words.
And you cannot change this.  it is taught all through scripture.  When you are just as comfortable or content with the things of satan, as with church stuff, you are into the kingdom of Satan.
Someone who has truly been baptized into the Body of Christ, HATES THE THINGS OF SATAN.  We hate wild music, even if it is in church.
that spirit does not agree with our spirit.
By:  Jo Smith… Jan 26, 2016 

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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