Why Baptism?

Date Posted:09/21/2010 11:44 PMCopy HTMLWhy do we baptize in the name of Jesus Christ?  This was asked on Yahoo q/a/
This was my answer:

No one who answered above me, that I can see, has this right.  I am just sorry to tell you all, but you need to come into the real truth.
You ‘Jesus-only’ folks have it all wrong, even more so than the trinities.

Father is NOT a title.  God does not have a title.  Look it up.  Do some research.  Search the Scriptures as Jesus commanded us to do. Show where God is said to have even one title.
You say holy ghost is a title….if so then tell me…how were the Apostles  and others baptized with a title?  How does a title get into us?  What good is a title inside me?

Not one single scripture says that these are titles of God.  Not one scripture says that Father reveals himself in the name of Jesus.  You are all just listening to false religions false interpretations and not seeking the truth from God himself.

You are commanded to search the Scriptures.  Prove what is good = it is written exactly as stated in the interpretation.
Hold fast to that which is PROVEN with At least two witnesses -= written Scriptures.

If you all do this, you will see that both doctrines are wrong.

The reason we baptize in the name of Jesus is because Jesus is our HEAD.  Jesus is the HEAD of man.  Jesus is the only authority that we can work under.
Not one soul has the authority, or right, to use the name or power of the Father.

Jesus did,  … and that is why he said, .. in the name of Father, son and Holy Ghost.  God the Father is the HEAD of Jesus Christ.
Jesus is the head over the church, or humanity.

When one attempts to over-ride the power or authority of Jesus, and go to the Father, using the name of the Father, that person is WRONG.  Only Jesus has this right.
To use the NAME means to call into action the power of that one.

No human being has the authority to call into action the power of the Father.  We must work through Jesus and Jesus only.
This does NOT mean that Jesus is the only God.  It means we can only go through Jesus to get to the Father.
The false teaching saying that Jesus is God, and the only one, blocks everyone from finding this important truth.

But God holds you everyone responsible to study Scripture and find truth and obey it.

People cannot find the way out of mixing up Mat. 28:19 with the way it was actually done in Acts, so they made up a false doctrine, either denying the true way, revealed in Acts, or they (oneness folks) made up a false teaching saying that father and holy ghost are titles.

If so, why did Jesus pronounce these titles?   Why is it that none of you even question this and seek the truth?  Scripture cannot contradict itself.  So there has to be truth in all of this.  What I am telling you is the ONLY truth which does not have to fight the other verses.

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