Separate Law From Grace

Date Posted:05/30/2017 10:27 PM

Separate law from Grace.

Due to the fact that practically no one understands what the tree of good and evil is, and the fact they also do not know what the tree of life is, they are not able to rightly divide the Word of God and separate law from Grace.

Understanding what  is law and what is grace is the most important thing to come to, for under the law is no salvation.

The law is a curse.  The law is not of faith.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.  The law is bondage, therefore those who live by law are  bond children.

So if this much is wrong with law, why is it in Scripture?  God said the law was added because of their sins.  God put them under law so they would be held accountable for their sins and be damned.   Strange, isn’t it..that almost everyone thinks the law is wonderful.

Almost all messages we hear are law messages.  Why?  These ‘ministers’ have not come to understand Grace.  They claim to be in grace, but their entire life and words is law.

I had been thinking about writing on this a while but hesitated to do so.  Then as I was reading my message on Genesis one, I came across a statement where Paul and Jesus separated law from grace to the people.

Then I knew I needed to teach on this.  See, the law message has done more harm to the work and advancement of the kingdom of Christ than anything else.  How can this be?  Well, just watch:

Has not the law message prevented almost all women Christians from working in the work of God?  Haven’t they been forbidden to preach, teach or anything that would advance the kingdom of Christ?  Sure we have.

How many souls could have been won to Christ had women taken up their rightful role in the work of God.  How much truth could have been brought to the light, and souls delivered from the darkness, had women taken up the work of God?

Did God forbid them?  NO.  It was LAW.  God even said in Ezekiel that He gave them laws that were not good and by which they could not live.  Then why is the entire church world running on LAW?

It is the darkness and the proud men who have prevented the truth from bringing out the goodness that a united Christian Church would have given this world.  It is in total chaos right now due to this dark error.

God set lights in the firmament to divide the day or light, from the night, or darkness.  All true ministers, from Jesus on, had to separate these two and teach the difference.

So Now I must teach on this.  Many of you Christian sisters are so in bondage that you think speaking the word of God would be an insult to you.  Such a horrible shame.  You are living UNDER LAW; BONDAGE.

You cannot be Free and in Bondage, at the same time.  Anyone being ruled over in any manner is in bondage or law. Therefore you are a bond child with no salvation.  When Jesus gives us salvation, we are set FREE.  You are not Free if you cannot and will not study and preach the truth of God.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is LAW.  Scripture clearly teaches this.  (I am not looking up and quoting scriptures here, just teaching what I know and if you have any knowledge of the word of God at all, you know this is scripture;  if you do not, you are not a Christian at all, having not studied the Word of God, whereby you might grow.)

So what says a woman cannot teach…law or grace?  It is clearly LAW.

In Christ, there is NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE.  NOW UNTIL YOU COME TO SEE THIS, you are in darkness and have not been set free.  You need someone to divide the day from the night, for you.  So I am here doing so.

If you still see Christians as MALE AND FEMALE FOLKS, you are blinded by LAW.  You have not come into Christ, for in Christ there is  only children of God;  all are sons of God.  Jesus said he that does the will of my Father is my Mother….are you his mother?  if so are you female?

Jesus said those who do the will of my Father is my brother…are you his brother?  If so, are you male or female?

Jesus said he that does the will of my Father is my sister….so how are you his Mother, his Brother, His sister, if you are either a male or a female?   You truly have no idea for you are in darkness and error, blinded by LAW.

To see folks as woman or man, male or female, is natural, which is carnal.  the Carnal mind is death, the enemy of God;  cannot receive the things of the Spirit of God for to him it is foolishness.  Are you carnal?  Do you say, I am of this man or that man?  If so, you are carnal.  Do you say a woman Christian cannot preach or teach?  If so you are carnal and blinded by Law.

Men who had gone back to Law had written Paul complaining about  women teaching..They said the law says they cannot..Paul rebukes this statement.  but the carnal mind does not see that;  it reads the word of God as disjointed scrambled words with no meaning.

But see, Jesus taught both messages;  he had to.  The majority of folks always have and always will live under LAW.  So he had to tell them how to do that, even though they will not have salvation by law.

Paul also taught both messages..  So both messages are all through Scripture.

I have written many messages on the difference between law and grace.  But this one needs to be made clear.  Don’t think I have written on this side of law.

How to tell?  When a message make a difference between men and women, then know that it is a law MESSAGE.  For in Christ, there is neither male nor female, but we are all ONE IN CHRIST JESUS; NO DIFFERENCE.  Scripture makes this very clear many times.

question:  What covers our sins?  think about this.  Before I go any further, think about this;  what is your COVERING?  Are you covered by Adam or Jesus?  or what?  That first cherub was Adam;  He was supposed to be a covering for the people;  but what did he do?  he deceived them and led them into LAW; TREE OF GOOD AND EVIL.

That was death.  Were animal sacrifices ever of God? No- Scripture is clear that God hated this….so why is it in the Word?  It is LAW.  Who brought up law? Adam/serpent.

After old serpent, Adam, deceived Eve into going into Law, what did God tell her?  now he is going to rule over you.  Was this what God wanted?  Not at all.  God hated this.  It is perversion of God’s way.  I am not going to sit here looking all these scriptures to try and prove this to anyone, for I know you still would not accept it.  I have already proven all of this many times and Scripture is full of it.  If you do not know the Word of God, you are not his child anyway.  You are in darkness and hate the light or truth.

Under the Grace message, we are EQUALS.  No male; no female;  no bond or free;  just equals.  no Jew or Greek; just equals.

Until you can get to that, you will remain in darkness and death.  Law is your covenant.  Death is your companion. 

If I have the Spirit of Jesus in me, I have a son of God in me.  I am a son of God, therefore you cannot judge me as a restricted female, under law.  I am not under law.

What is my covering?  You think it is my hair?  You think I cannot cut my hair because I am a woman?  I am not a woman;  I am a son of God.  Foolish to you, huh?  Sure you are in bondage.

Sure men said that; but those men are under law.  Sure men said I cannot teach; but those men are under law; bondage and trying to hold me in bondage.

I wore my hair long as long as I could.  It is not my covering.   The Spirit and blood of Jesus is my covering.  My sins are under the blood; not how I wear my hair.  that is law.  Jesus wore long hair and so did many other men in Scripture. Priest wore skirts.  So now where are you?

You are blinded by LAW.  Pity is though, that those who hold that a woman must have uncut hair, pin it up on top of their head….1Cor 11 clearly that to do this is the same as SHAVING YOUR HEAD.  So where are you?

Ignorant of the Word of God.  If you are not COVERED WITH IT, (means piled on top of the head)…then God said it is the same as cutting it off or shaving your head.  So see, all those women thinking they are more Holy than a woman who can no longer wear it long, due to a sisk in the head , yet you pile it on top of your head, you are shaved.  You have no truth is what it amounts to.  Self-righteous and a serpent.  Considering yourself to be to good to speak to others, when you are in total rebellion to God’s word.

And even if there is not a physical reason that one cannot wear the long hair, that is still LAW AND NOT REQUIRED FOR A WOMAN IN GRACE,  FOR WE ARE ALL ONE.

I heard a certain man, who claimed to be a minister, say, (and this is the last words I heard this man speak, for he died soon after this)….He came up where I was visiting a friend.  We were not discussing this at all…the man just blurted it out…he said,  “Brother Branham said a man can have all the women he wants”.

I said, well God sure did not say that.  He said, I know that, and with that he left.  I never saw him alive again.

But see this lying fake prophet had taught this man that he could have all the women he wanted.  No such filth is taught in Scripture.  Sure OT men did this thing;  but they were under law and totally out of God’s will.

See, to make that kind of difference in men and women is a satanic, law message.

We are all to live pure and Holy lives;  not just women.  The holiness (so called) churches rest fully on how the women in the church dress and wear their hair.. the men can live as they please….it is of satan.  No holiness at all.  Then they prance around holding their heads high and have that proud look, that God hates.  Piling your hair on top of your head gives you a proud, snotty look.

It is not of God.  If you think you need to not cut your hair, then it MUST HANG DOWN.  If you pile it up, God said you shaved your head.


By:  JO Smith…May 30,  2017 

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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