Sin Was By The Law

Can you read?  This verse said these sins bringing forth the fruit unto death   WAS  BY THE LAW.  THE LAW IS THE ONLY WAY THERE IS SIN IN US.  WHERE THERE IS NO LAW, THERE IS NO SIN.


How in this world can millions of people swallow such a lie that we are to obey ONLY those 10 commandments of God and not all the rest of God’s Commandments?  How?

Why do you feel you can disobey God’s Commandment to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and then (still a command) be baptized with the Holy ghost as those 120 did on  the day of Pentecost? 

how are you delivered from that law if you are still BOUND TO KEEP IT?  FOOLISHNESS IS WHAT THIS IS.

The Law is not of faith.  Without Faith it is impossible to please God.  In other words, by the law it is impossible to please God.  You fall from Grace.  So go right ahead.  Enough truth has been printed in this group to convert the whole world IF  THEY DESIRED TRUTH.

It is proven you want no truth if it crosses your little dead religion or causes you to be transformed away from being conformed to this world.   Dress like the world.  conduct yourself like the world.  go to the worldly places.  but mock the Holy Things of God. 

I say all who take this attitude are hell bound.  Your flesh is never going to let you be not conformed to this world. Don’t be set apart.  While God said we must be set apart.  Be a peculiar people, Holy and unblamable, showing Godliness in our DAILY LIVES.

Lord Jesus,  give me their portion.  I want it ALL.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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