God’s Rest

Date Posted:12/25/2011 3:00 PM

What a pity that both the JW and the rest of churches, alike, do not begin to understand the truth of Scripture and let God have his REST.  but of course most others churches do allow JEHOVAH to rest, as they do proceed under the name of Jesus Christ.But of course most of them do not understand and think that when they said FATHER, son and holy ghost, that they are abiding in truth.  NOT SO.Not for one minute.
God entered into his REST the day he set Jesus on the throne of God and said, now let all the angels of God worship MY SON and honour my SON as they honour me.  Now, only by and through and in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST is any salvation or truth to be had.
God, the father entered into his seventh day rest, THEN and now Jesus is the ruling authority.  We must be baptized in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST for there mission of sin.WE MUST HEAL THE SICK IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.We must preach in the name of Jesus Christ.We can only have salvation in the name of Jesus Christ.There is no other name, given among men, whereby we must be saved BUT THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.
Did you ever wonder why JEHOVAH or  Elehim, or any other name of God, is NOT MENTIONED in the NT?  It is not once truly named in the NT, BECAUSE the only acceptable name, in the NT times, is JESUS CHRIST….because God is RESTING.
He will continue to rest until Jesus has brought all enemies under his feet and subdued even death, THEN and only then, 1Cor 15, will Jesus deliver the kingdom back up to god and be subject to God.For God so decreed this.  The SDA advance this lie, pretend that Saturday is God’s rest day. What a horrible deception.  They think God operates on man’s level.
That is man’s week.  God pays no attention to such.  God set up WEEKS on grounds man knows nothing about.  During this NT WEEK. only Jesus can be used, prayed to, preached.  Paul said I know nothing among you but Jesus Christ and him crucified.
Now the JW bring up JEHOVAH and forsake Jesus Christ, thus DISGRACING THE TRUE GOD AND NOT ALLOWING HIM TO REST.
What a glorious revelation, God gave to me this very morning. 

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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