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Jesus’ Sabbath
Aug 29, ’06 2:21 AM

by joie for everyone
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They had brought a woman taken in adultery to Jesus and asked him if he would honor Moses law and let them stone her to death. Well, you know what happened; Jesus baffled them by calling on those without sin to start the stone throwing; but first he had convicted them all of their own sins.

He is smart.But what was He really doing? Of course — what He came here for — Grace and TRUTH came by Jesus Christ. Now they thought, and most everyone still thinks Jesus was under the LAW; but was He?

He was MADE under the Law – meaning the Law time. Yet he himself, like Moses, the lawgiver, was under and in Grace. He is Grace.So by Grace, what was his rest? Not the 7th day weekly Sabbath. That is why he constantly broke it. See he was KEEPING THE SABBATH DAY — BUT HE WAS KEEPING THE GRACE SABBATH.The 7th day, weekly, one day a week, Sabbath is the LAW Sabbath.

But Jesus was of Grace; so He kept the Grace Sabbath of the Holy Ghost; was he not filled with the Spirit at his Baptism? Is not this the Grace way of doing things? Is not this the New Testament salvation? Did not Jesus refer to the New Testament in His blood?So, he did keep the Sabbath Day; but not their Law Sabbath. That is what angered them; they could not understand the NT. Sabbath Day – a Day of salvation- for the Holy Ghost was NOT YET GIVEN TO ANYONE EXCEPT JESUS.

So, Jesus DID keep the whole law; but he was keeping it the Grace way. Glorious revelation! Thank you Lord Jesus for this great truth.
He was the very first one to enter in at the strait gate, which leads to eternal life; He was in Grace; He was resting from his own works and doing the works of the Father.Jesus could not stone the lady; for he gave her grace.
Jesus could not stop working on the 7th day rest for he was in grace. This is why he said, My Father works hitherto and I work. See, Both the Father and the Son keep the Grace Sabbath; not the Law Sabbath.

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