Law Is Death

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There are/were, two different COVERINGS.  Two different trees, in Eden, or the Word of God.  There were two different PEOPLE.Now,Listen.As in ADAM all DIE.  the LAW is death.  So Adam is the law covenant.  Adam, you were perfect, UNTIL INIQUITY was found in you.
God said, the solemn meeting is INIQUITY. He said, killing sheep is iniquity.  He  said, burning incenseis iniquity. He said, I hate, I despise your feast days.  He caused the law and the sabbaths to be FORGOTTEN.
Law is iniquity; law is death.  Like it or not, if you try to serve God by law, you are dead in Adam (sins and trespasses.).  As in ADAM all DIE.
 Eve = the ‘Mother’ of all LIVING.  having no death in them at all.Grace gives LIFE.  Grace is the perfect, sufficient covering.
So, Adam was the covering which is not sufficient or too short.  leaves one naked and dead.Jesus said, he that LIVETH and believe in me, SHALL NEVER DIE.
So to be in Christ, is also to be under the Grace covering, Mother Eve.

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Jesus did away with that BEAST OF LAW.  He nailed it to his cross, taking it out of the way.  Thus, that seven-headed,  ten-horned beast was destroyed.Butthe church picked this beast (law) right back up and revived this old death-tree, or beast = Adam-Law.So this LAW SYSTEM OR BEAST with ten horns = ten commandments, was, is not, and yet is.
Why does almost all church-deceived-folks desire to be back under this death-tree, LAW?Why do they think running to some building on Saturday is going to get them anything from God?Why do the think tithing a few dollars to some deceiving law preacher, is going to get them more money? or blessing?
I am warning everyone who might read this, YOU HAD BETTER FLEE THAT OLD LAW SYSTEM = CHRUCH, NOW synonymous with ten

jo smith

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The difference is, under law, one does a thing only because he thinks he simply MUST, for the law said do it or don’t do it.  It is not truly in his heart, but a rebellious spirit is there, yet he still does a thing, out of FEAR.
Grace, it is in the heart; nature.  We do not serve God out of fear or because some law said it.  We love, for love is in our hearts.  We worship God for we love God.  We do not steal because we are not thieves.  would not steal if there had been no law.Can you see this?  this grace or love is put into us by the Spirit of God; not by some law.
Law is a big stick held over one, threatening to punish if you falter.  Grace sees no wrong.  See, when we do by nature the things contained in the LAW, we do establish the LAW, not because it is a law with us, but because we are truly RIGHTEOUS.  Not by our own self, but because God gave it to us = a holy nature; not full of sin and evil.James explained it as a horse, needing to be harnessed to keep him in line.  We do not need that YOKE of law.  we do the good, because good is in our heart.we know that ‘sabbath’ is not a day of the week, but having the rest of God, in our soul, by the Holy Ghost.We do not have to tithe because we give our all to God.  see?  It is a different world, altogether.  If you try to keep LAW, then you must kill your animal.
I hope you can see this.  God hates LAW. God is a god of grace /love.

first, LAW and GRACE are written in all books of scripture. The law is there, for those who cannot find Grace. Grace is there for the few who can find the way to eternal life, which is GRACE; NOT LAW. By Grace are you saved; not by the works of the law.

The law is a curse. God hates it. serving God out of fear, of being punished by law, is not acceptable to God.
We, the few, who found grace, worship god, not by law, but out of LOVE = GRACE.

Not one person who advocates keeping the 4th commandment, has any idea what it means. They have no idea how to obey this. They ‘think’, erroneously that running to some church on Saturday is keeping the Sabbath. Not so. not one word of that is in any scripture. They do not do one thing Moses commanded, concerning keeping that old law sabbath.

But to the grace people, we know that the baptism of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in other tongues, as prophesied in Isa 28, is the only true SABBATH.
We do worship God 7 days a week; give our all to God. Rest completely in Him and need no works of law.

We do not need a law telling us not to steal; for we are thieves. We need not a law telling us not to kill, for we are not evil.
the law was NOT given to the righteous, but to the sinners and ungodly and wicked. Did you not know that scripture says this? Study it for yourself, if you wish to find eternal life. It is NOT IN KEEPING LAWS. BUT THE LAW IS THERE FOR YOU WHO REFUSE GRACE.

we who live by Grace, fulfill the righteousness of the LAW, because it is in our nature. We need no law, we are a law to ourselves, which is the only one God accepts. thinking you must keep a law, is not love nor is it going to get you to God. The Israelites tried it, and FAILED. so does everyone else who tries to serve God by LAW. There is no love in this. Perfect love casts out all fear. the law causes fear and death. but yes, it is still written in Scripture, for the wicked and ungodly, who need a yoke around their necks to keep them in line. Try Acts 15.

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