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p.s.   I wrote this several years ago, when we had MSN site.  This was placed under a topic we were studying of the Seed of the Woman:  (IT is great)

Well this is my third attempt to send this message.  We are having a lightening storm and each time I start to send this, lightening cuts the puter off.
I am trying to tell you that this subject of the woman’s seed is of much more importance than you might imagine.
I am sure you see the very, very evil and hideous teaching some are    giving out, accusing Eve of having sex with some animal, or half-animal creature, and that this brought forth Cain.
This is a satanic doctrine.  It leads to much hatred of women, and men living in lust and sin.  They are very misled as to God’s intention for men and women to live together.
God never meant for Adam to rule over Eve.  God still does not mean for men to rule over anyone.  See the false teaching of a serpent seed, as they claim,  leads to all kinds of evil living.
The serpent was Adam.  Adam is satan.  the serpent is satan.  satan hates us women.  men hate us.  God does not hate us.
This is not as I first wrote it.  but cannot redo it.
I hope you will stay with this study a while, since you are seeing the evil false teaching on seeking the truth.  (funny how they mis-named that site….if they are seeking truth, I am a strike of lightening.)
I will send this and do more later, in case lightening cuts me off again.  But this is a very important subject.  Jesus was the seed of the woman, not the serpent or man.  He is the promised seed to EVE.
So how  could she be evil?
This subject impacts our lives much more than you realize.  Men are off into lies, deception and evil, lusts filled lives because of this false and filthy teaching.

msn-freeborn551 wrote on Jun 13, ’07
Haha,  Anne.  That is great.  way to go.  down yonder.  yep.  it is good. and I agree with you fully.  cuz you have a right to get the best job you can have.  and I wish it for you. 
I hope you get  the one which is best for you.  and learn that the seed is of utmost importance.  It is no joke.
becuz if our Holy Mother, Eve, (the Mother of all LIVINGwas a bad thing, as some evil folks like to claim)  then all is not well.  all is lost….becuz  Jesus was the woman’s seed.  see?
He did NOT come from a MAN,  do you understand?  get this. girl.  he did not come from a MAN.  he came from a WOMAN.  made of a WOMAN.  bELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD.
Proof?  you need proof?  I always PROVE  what I teach,  not with my words…..but with GOD’S WORD:
Ga 4:4
But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law,
Ga 4:5
To redeem them that were under the law, thatwe might receive the adoption of sons.

See,  it IS important…if not,  God would not have made it clear right here,  that Jesus was made  OF  A  WOMAN,,,,,,thus,  he is the WOMAN’S SEED.   yet these evil, wicked, mad-men,  (whom we cannot love and love God)  are claiming  had the seed of a ‘humid’ or cave man, or animal creature……..NOW DO YOU SEE, GIRL?  SEE THE EVIL.
They are calling JESUS CHRIST  the seed of the serpent,,,,,,,,because   he is HER SEED.   IF HER SEED CAME FROM THE WICKED ONE,,,,,,,,,THEN THEY ARE CALLING THE SON OF GOD,  THE WICKED ONE.
Now do you see the importance?  I know you have to. Tweety,  do you see?
Larry do you see?
  ellya,  if you still come here,  DO YOU SEE?  I am telling you all,  this is not my words……..GOD GAVE ME THIS RIGHT NOW.  I feel the power from on high  so strong on me right now.  It is awsome.
God said,  they are calling Jesus Christ the son of the devil.

Ge 3:15
And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
Ge 3:16
Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

That proves it.  God gave me this.  the promise of theseed to bruise the head of the serpent  was made to  EVE.  It was her seed.  It was a prophecy to EVE.  She is this woman.  Jesus Christ came from her seed.  not his.  not from Adam.  the serpent.  but from the woman,  EVE.
Go tell it on the mountains.  Go tell it everywhere.  God is giving this to me.  Take this flaming sword,  ladies.  daughters of God.  Take this flaming sword and kill the enemies of this kingdom of JESUS CHRIST, the seed of the woman.
All you daughters who will, reach out and take this flaming sword,  it is burning in its greatness and strength,  take it and it will devour all the enemies.  Do not be afraid.  reach out and take it into thy hands.  It will bruise the head of that evil serpent, Adam.
All those evil men who claim Eve had sex with a serpent, and not Adam,  and committed adultry, are evil workers of Satan, and will be devoured with this sword.  thus saith the Lord God.
Those of you who can believe…..God gave me this,  is giving me this right now……reach out and receive it.  Receive the sword of the Lord.  Men cannot stop you.  They cannot stop us now.  God has given us the sword of TRUTH.  All truth is this flaming sword.  It will burn away all the lies, the filthy doctrine of wicked men.
Stay with the Word of God and truth will prevail and do away with the darkness of this evil night.  Turn,  turn, ye at my reproof.  Turn away from the lies of men and believe the engrafted word of God, which will give you power from on high to burn out the stubble and set up the kingdom of Christ.

I had no idea of writting such a thing as this when I started this post.  It came from God.  He inspired this.  It is His Truth.  We do not have to guess.  We do not have to be in confusion.  Jesus gives us sure LIGHT, truth.  It is what the Word of God says.  Those wicked men cannot prove one word they say with God’s Word.
it is lies from hell, from the pits of Satan.
All who teach this ungodly lie, will be destroyed without mercy.  My daughters, flee and get into truth and save your souls, and the souls of those who will hear you.
p.s.  I will also post this on the other thread.  I cannot leave this prophecy just on the sign in board.  HAD no idea such as this would come.
But glory it did come.  God is with us.  Emmanuel is with us.
Love ye,
p.s.  (see, how I started out this post joking with Anne.  But God turned it into a serious prophecy and teaching.  I felt his power come on me and I forgot I had started out with the joking.  I just now went back to proof read this, and was astonished to see that.  I will leave it so you all can see and discern when the Spirit took over and my jesting was stopped.  btw, that is something I very, very seldom do, as most of you know.)

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