The divided family; nation

Here is more that God has revealed to me. Should be common knowledge all the time, though. If you read Scripture, you should already know this. Jacob and Esau were TWIN BROTHERS.
Yep, both in the same womb at the same time; both had the very same parents.

Now what makes the difference and the division? God loved Jacob and hated Esau. Mal 1

Which one of the parents knew this? the MOTHER. Which one knew what God’s will was in this matter of the birthright and blessing? the MOTHER.

Abraham had two sons; one by a bond woman and the other by a free woman. He loved both boys. But God had a special plan for the YOUNGER. Which one of the parents knew this will of God? the MOTHER.

GOD CREATED A MAN AND A WOMAN. Which one of them knew the will of God and obeyed God? the WOMAN.

Which one of them had a special promise from God, that their SEED would bruise the head of that wicked old serpent? the WOMAN.

So now, why is it that the whole world has this backwards? Because that wicked old serpent, Adam, has deceived this whole world.

So now, to the MORE on Jacob and Esau…. why is it that almost everyone forgets that these two different peoples are from the very same parents? Inside every nation, every church, or other organizations there are TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLES.

In fact, inside each of us, (those who have the Holy Ghost), there are two different ‘peoples’.
One is a ‘jacob’ = loved by God. the other is an Esau = hated by God.

One is the sinful old person, which we must crucify. The other is the Christ growing inside us. But back to this nation….. we have the two different peoples in this nation…..one group is evil and seeking to destroy us.
the other group is good and wants our best.

The wicked ones are running this nation, in fact, the world.
The wicked ones re-built old Jerusalem, and deceived this world into thinking they are the chosen of God. No such thing.
They are the Edomites, or Esau and God still hates them.

Yet nations and churches flock to them, visiting them, keeping them up…while stomping on the true JACOBS, the CHRISTIANS.

Inside old Israel, under Moses, was TWO DIFFERENT NATIONS.
I wrote a good message a few years ago on these two nations in one.
You really should read that and let God teach you his truth.

Only the FEW IN THIS WORLD WHO HAVE FAITH IN JESUS are the chosen of God.
The rest are satan’s ministers, seeking only to murder, steal, divide etc.
So when we hear all these wicked, and troubling things, remember it is only ESAU at work. but they are the SAME NATURAL PEOPLES, BOTH FROM REBECCA AND ISSAC. 

those who advocate the evil, ” IT IS EVE’S FAULT”…will never knew the truth.

by : Jo Smith…. 13, 2015

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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