Lady Babylon

OK, may as well dig the well deeper, to the bottom. I am not trying to criticize anyone, but only trying to teach the truth God has given me. Paul laid it out for those deceived Jews to hear God’s truth and they hated him for it. John laid the ax to the root of their trees, proving that law was not of God; and they hated him for it.
Now we are at the end of this gentile church age and again
it is time to lay the ax to the root of this wicked system.
Yes, the ‘church’ as the world now sees it, is the same old rotten system that John came against; Jesus came against it and Paul finished laying out the evil of this system.
CHURCH, as it is in the world today, IS THIS HARLOT BABYLON. it is God’s enemy, teaching everyfalse way; satan is the head of this system, which enjoys every evil holiday and does everything that god said he hates.
He calls you OUT. Come out of her, MY PEOPLE. be not partakers of her SINS, lest you also receive of her plagues.
So now, go on in your hatred for this TRUTH, this mid-night cry, and go on in your rebellion to God, and you WILL RECEIVE OF HER PLAGUES…..just as those old jews who refused to hear the truth of John, Jesus, Paul, and the others who cried out against an evil, religious system, which paid lip service, but in their hearts they loved their idols.
by: Jo Smith…. 2-19. 2015

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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