Rebuke of the Roman Catholic Church

I think this just about sums it up about what the Catholic Church truly is… Tweety

The Catholic peoples have roots in heretical doctrines!!

You are Catholic, your roots are not tracable back to Jesus!

“BELIEVERS” are IN The only CHRISTIAN Church Jesus formed.. The harlot church that calls itself Catholic is not that Church!!
To be a believer you must believe the words of Jesus!

Catholics reject the words of Jesus! They instead believe their demon influenced Pope and his evil underlings.

 You do NOT believe the same as CHRISTIANS.. AGAIN.. One more time.. “CHRISTIANS” believe in Jesus, not the god of Catholicism!!

Christians Teach: “Confession of sins to God”!.. Not you.. Not Catholics.. they pray to a demon that calls itself Mary for grace. They ask a mere mortal man who calls himself their Father to forgive their sins. That man has no power to forgive their sins, he can forgive them for trespassing against him, but he cannot forgive them of their sins. The harlot church prays to the creature who has no power to forgive sin.

Catholics TAUGHT .. “The Bread IS the Flesh of Jesus”.. Christians teach that the bread symbolizes Jesus’ flesh, but that it is not His flesh. Christians are not cannibalistic! Catholics are.

Catholics teach the heretical doctrine..”Peter is the Chief Apostle”! The Word of God does not!

Catholics TAUGHT..From the start of their harlot church.. “Praying for the Dead”!.. The Bible teaches no such thing, therefore Christians do not pray for the dead. Christians know that the dead cannot be prayed into heaven. If they did not trust Christ as Savior before their death, their home is in hell for all eternity and no amount of praying will change God’s mind about them after they are dead.

Catholics.. TAUGHT..from the start.. “Mary mother of God”! Christians teach God existed before and created Mary therefore Mary cannot be the mother of God.!

Catholics TAUGHT..from the start.. “Where the BISHOP IS.. There is the Catholic Church”.. The Word of God teaches no such doctrine!

Catholics TAUGHT..from the start.. “The Blood of Jesus is DRANK” to save men.. Christians teach the cup only SYMBOLIZES the blood of the New Covenant which was shed for many.

Catholics TAUGHT..from the start.. “The church Of Jesus is lead/ Entrusted to the Pope and his BISHOPS!”.. The Word of God doesn’t give popes any authority over the Church, nor does the Word of God give any Catholic authority in His Church.

Catholics TAUGHT..from the start.. “Baptism SAVES”!. The Word of God teaches that Jesus savees!

Catholics TAUGHT..from the start.. “The BISHOP has the AUTHORITY to TEACH and make DOCTRINE”…The Word of God tells us that the Word of God is given for doctrine, not the heretical bishops of the harlot church that calls itself Catholic! The Word of God nowhere teaches Bishops to make doctrine.

The Pope has a big head setting himself up as God over the church and will one day find himself in hell along with his evil church body.

 Jesus built his CHRISTIAN Church.. He did not buiild the catholic’s idolatrous church!!

Catholics claim they can trace their roots back to Jesus, but satan has them blinded to make them think he is Jesus and his demon is Mary.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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