Tying It All Together

Tying it all together

by: Jo Smith ~~~ May 14, 2018

God works his wonders.  He works signs and wonders, both in heaven and in earth.  The signs in earth are just as much the working of God, and for His purpose, as is the wonders in heaven.

So, if you speak against his signs in earth, or hate them, you are fighting against God just the same as if it were his wonders in the heavens.

Old Jerusalem is the bond child.  But that does not do away with the fact that God shows his signs in earth using old Jerusalem.  God set them for examples for us NOT TO FOLLOW.

After many years of vexing God with their idols and evils, God let them be taken captive with the king of Babylon.  They then spent seventy years in that captivity.  After the time was finished, they were allowed to return to Jerusalem and rebuild her walls and the city.  This is our sign.

They could not sing the songs of Zion while in their captivity to Babylon.  Neither can the captive ‘church’ now sign the songs of victory for they are in captivity to Babylon.

The Word of God is so amazing and most people have no idea at the glory of it.  The very same words speak of the things past, present and future.  When one has the discernment of the Holy Ghost, they can go by the very same words and know what happened in Adam’s day;  after that and on down through all of time.  Amazing indeed.

So, the Jews were in Babylon for seventy years.  That word…seven…is very significant throughout all the workings of God.  I read today that the thing of moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem was seventy years in the making….Amazing indeed.

A man by the name OF TRUMP set this in motion.  Amazing indeed.  At the last trump the SEVEN churches, will leave their Babylon captivity and return to her former glory.  Her walls will be built.  Her foundation has already been built;  by the Apostles and Jesus.

Now this moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem is a great SIGN IN EARTH.  So those who mock it and hate it will be left out in the darkness.

It is NOT the spiritual move of God.  It is the physical sign in earth.  But when these signs happen in earth, the spiritual will be going on also.  They are tied together.

A mighty King gave the Jews all they needed to return to the natural Jerusalem and rebuild her walls and city.  So our Donald Trump is the present day mighty King giving them permission to set back up the Jerusalem headquarters.

The powerful Church of God was born on the Day of Pentecost.  They were anointed with power from on high with the Holy Ghost.  With this power they laid the foundation for the Holy City, New Jerusalem.  Don’t forget NEW JERUSALEM.

The Jerusalem which is above is the mother of us all.  Eve is the Mother of all living.   This is all tied together.

Adam destroyed her Power and took the world into captivity to sin and evil.  The king of Babylon destroyed the power of old Jerusalem and took them into captivity.  At the end of Seventy years, they returned and rebuilt that City.  This is all signs in earth.

The true Jerusalem or the New Jerusalem, or the Israel of God, the spiritual wonder in heaven, came into being on the Day of Pentecost.

But then the ‘king of Babylon’ again took them into captivity to sin and error and destroyed their power.  They were in captivity to this evil Babylon religion for SEVEN.  Seven churches without the power of God.  Seven mixed churches, with the seat of Satan in their midst.  They are in captivity to sin, violence and evil. 

Let me show you something.  Galatians 4: 9 . But now, after that ye have known God, or rather are known of God, how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements, whereunto ye desire again to be in BONDAGE.

10.. Ye observe DAYS, and Months, AND times and YEARS.

11. I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in VAIN.

Now, just study on this a few minutes.  They had been set free from bondage, but they desired to be back under that bondage.  Why?  Because they always loved their idols.  What did Paul say this bondage was? ~~Ye observe DAYS….xmess day…easter day…halloween day…birthday…valentines day…etc.  THAT IS BONDAGE.  And you desired this bondage again.  The glorious baptism of the Holy Ghost was nothing to this group that went again into Babylon Captivity.

So the ‘church’ with was supposed to be the way of God now, is back in bondage for SEVEN. ..  just as  old Jerusalem was in bondage for seventy.

When you observe these DAYS, AND TIMES and years,  YOU ARE IN SPIRITUAL BONDAGE.

What can set them free again?  At the end of the seventy years they returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt the walls and city.  This is a sign in earth.  It is still a sign to us today.

After seventy years in the making, a man who took the Throne, at seventy years of age,  now has set the power back to Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.  It is a mighty sign in earth…..BUT HEAR ME….it is not the spiritual wonder.

The spiritual wonder in heaven is that now, this corrupt church, which has totally lost her way;  no longer has any power with God;  is in ruins….will return and build those spiritual walls of the NEW JERUSALEM.

This will be a return to the power of God for His true People  =  those who know  and love and obey the TRUE JESUS.

It is not those who believe in allah.  It is not those who believe in holidays and a jesus who cannot deliver from sin.  It is not that natural city or Jews, the Jerusalem that now is.  They are bond children.

It is a people who have prepared themselves to be endued with power from on high again.  We now see the signs in earth and therefore know it is time for the spiritual to begin.

God will send the mighty baptism of Fire and empower this second witness Church.  This will be the true way to God.  That old Jerusalem with their idols and law is NOT THE WAY TO GOD.  It seemed that the law was the  way of God;  but God said NO.  He hated that system….it seems the church is the way of God;  but again God said no.  He also hates this system.  His word is full of this.  But you holiday keepers do not study the Word therefore you know not. 

This thing going on in natural Jerusalem is merely a sign in earth.  But when this sign shows up so clearly, you can be sure the Spiritual City is to be built in this day.  That Trumpet is sounding.  This is  part of that Trumpet message.  Tying it all together.

Praise God.  Praise Jesus Christ, his holy son. 

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