Where Is Eve?

Hi, I just wanted to tell you something.  last night, I was in something like a sub-counscious.  I thought at the time that I was awake, but when I awoke fully, I realized that I had not been fully awake.

God was telling me things; it seemed like I was preaching it to others.  I went through the Word, many places, showing them Eve.  It was fantastic.  It was so clear, the places that  God showed me was Eve.

I cannot remember it all now, truly wish I could.  It was a marvelous revelation.
I was asking them, if they knew where Eve is.  Then Go God was showing me where Eve is now.
He traced her through many scriptures and came to this:  the serpent has tried to destroy the HELP MEET, since the beginning of her life.  If the help meet ever gets into full control, the world will come to peace and glory.  Serpent will no longer be in control and his evil will be stopped.

So he did all kinds of bad things to Eve, to stop her mission.  First, he talked her into shaving her head!  This cut off her power, so then he could lead her into deception and the transgression.

He made her keep her hair cut off, so she could not regain her power.
  ThenGod showed me that the NUNS, are this de-faced Eve.¨C11C¨C12C¨C13C¨C14C¨C15C¨C16C¨C17C¨C18C¨C19C¨C20C¨C21C¨C22C¨C23C¨C24C¨C25C¨C26C¨C27C¨C28C¨C29C¨C30C¨C31C¨C32C¨C33C¨C34C¨C35C¨C36C¨C37C¨C38C¨C39C¨C40C¨C41C¨C42C¨C43C¨C44C¨C45C¨C46C¨C47C¨C48C¨C49C¨C50C¨C51C¨C52C¨C53C¨C54C¨C55C¨C56C

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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