Adam or Christ as King

~~ Adam as King? Or Christ? ~~

The OT happenings in men’s lives, is types of the True Spiritual things which is shown by God.  Until you have an anointing from God, to reveal the ‘type’s to you, you will miss seeing the truth which God has revealed in what was written in Scripture.

The truth about Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Jesus, and many others, is found all through the writings of Scripture.  But since most people cannot discern the ‘types’ revealed in the stories written in Scripture, OT, they fail to learn these hidden truths.

In 1Kings we find a great lesson in types, of how Adam tired to forcefully, and rebelliously, take the place of God.

1 Kings 1

 1Now king David was old and stricken in years; and they covered him with clothes, but he gat no heat.

 2Wherefore his servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thy bosom, that my lord the king may get heat.

 3So they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel, and found Abishag a Shunammite, and brought her to the king.

 4And the damsel was very fair, and cherished the king, and ministered to him: but the king knew her not.

 5Then Adonijah the son of Haggith exalted himself, saying, I will be king: and he prepared him chariots and horsemen, and fifty men to run before him.

 6And his father had not displeased him at any time in saying, Why hast thou done so? and he also was a very goodly man; and his mother bare him after Absalom.

 7And he conferred with Joab the son of Zeruiah, and with Abiathar the priest: and they following Adonijah helped him.

 8But Zadok the priest, and Benaiah the son of Jehoiada, and Nathan the prophet, and Shimei, and Rei, and the mighty men which belonged to David, were not with Adonijah.

 9And Adonijah slew sheep and oxen and fat cattle by the stone of Zoheleth, which is by Enrogel, and called all his brethren the king’s sons, and all the men of Judah the king’s servants:

 10But Nathan the prophet, and Benaiah, and the mighty men, and Solomon his brother, he called not.

In the above ‘story’, David is old and the time of his death is near.  It is now time to set up the next King, who will reign in place of David.  God had already told David to set Solomon on the throne, and David had already confirmed this to Bathsheba and others.

But notice, a brother of Absalom, Adonijah, has taken upon himself to set himself up as King.  Remember, that Absalom had already tried to dethrone David and become King. Here, Adonijah, and Absalom, before him, represent ADAM, in this type.  So when you read this story, you can see just how Adam went about to set himself up as God, or take the throne.

David loved both these sons, even though they have rebelled against him.  God in like manner, loved Adam, even after Adam had sinned and rebelled against God.  In Ez 28 we find the truth of How Adam claimed, I am God; I sit in the seat of God; meaning, I am the ruler or king.

Now Adonijah had gone about setting himself up as King, and David has not restrained him. See, verse 5 and 6.  He prepared him chariots and horsemen, and fifty men to run before him.  This shows how Adam deceived the angels, and others, from the heavenly kingdom, to follow him, and set about to make Adam KING, or God, in the place of God.  These fifty men represent those who follow afar off and have no faith.  This is shown in the fifty prophets who wanted to go search for Elijah, thinking that God would have dropped him somewhere.  These are those who failed to follow God perfectly, but went after Adam.

See, that this son was very beautiful, as was his brother, Absalom.  This is the beauty of that anointed Cherub, Adam.  But when Jesus was born, Isa 53, says there was no beauty that we should desire him.  He was a MAN of sorrows and acquainted with grief.

Notice, the prophet and priests, who stayed true to  David, Adonijah had not called to his feast.  He knew they would not help him.  He had also not called Solomon.  So He knew that  Solomon was the one God had chosen to become King, after David.

The leaders who were not close to the truth of God, are working to set Adonijah up as king, even though this is not the will of God, or of David.

Notice verse nine, this is showing that Adam is the one who set up the slaying of animals.  This was never the will of God. But here Adonijah is representing Adam, so he kills the animals, and sets up a feast to those who are falling away from David, so they will  make him king.  This proves the revelation that Adam set up animal sacrifices, to make himself be worshiped as GOD.

Notice also, that Adonihah has gathered most of the kingdom to follow him and help set him up as king. This is the same as Adam, who has most of this world following him and setting him up as God.

Nathan, the prophet, goes to the mother of Solomon and together, they inform David of what Adonijah is doing and that he will kill them as soon as David is dead.  (Here, Bathsheba represents Eve, as the ‘mother’ of the true King, the Christ seed). This is exactly what Adam intended to do to those who stay true to God and Jesus.  So David then does what is needed to set Solomon up on the throne.  See, God will yet take the kingdom from Adam, and give it to the rightful person, JESUS.

After Solomon is made king, we see a period when he is bringing all his enemies into judgment and getting rid of them.  This is where Jesus is now = ruling till he brings all his enemies under his feet and to judgment.

We see here, in reading this chapter, how the kingdom will be translated from the hand of Satan, to go to Jesus Christ.

Praise God for this wonderful lesson.

By: Jo Smith ~~~ Feb. 11, 2012

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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