Fig Leaves

I know none of you will probably believe the real truth here, but here it is anyway. The carnal mind tries to see the words of God from a natural, human standpoint. It is not that way at all.
Being naked, at first, is not referring to their human bodies, for they were in the glorified state to begin with. They were not ashamed of that, for they were what scripture refers to as, all things are naked before God,..meaning that they had no sin and no reason to be ashamed before God.
They were in good communion with God, THEN.

But after they went into law, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, then their understanding was opened to know BOTH good and evil. Then they could not stand in the presence of God, so they hid from him.

If you do not know what the ‘tree’ is, then you cannot find these answers.
If you do not know who the serpent was, then you are in darkness and handing out only lies about this.

If you do not know what the ‘fig leaves’ mean, you come up with nothing but foolish carnal lies.

When they went into the LAW, and sacrificed a pig, to Adam as god, then they were completely out of touch with God, for God is a God of Grace, not law. Isa 65.

When you think that God killed a sheep, and took that animals skin to make clothes for them, you are too far off truth to even consider saying what happened here.

The thing which made them know they were naked, is partaking of LAW, by which is no justification. They tried to sanctify themselves with a pig sacrifice. God has never wanted animals sacrificed. It came from Adam’s wanting to be worshiped as god.

Adam is the old serpent who deceived Eve. He told her God knows we will be gods. So she listened to that law which demands animal blood, and offered the pig. Heb. 10.

She knew then it was wrong. They now lost their glorious covering and showed up SPIRITUALLY NAKED.

It is not human nakedness at all.

That is carnal reasoning and wrong. God then placed them into a MORTAL BODY, hence their skin covering.

But before that, while going by the law, they tried to cover themselves with their own works of law. hence, the fig leaves.
It is NOT literal fig leaves from a natural tree at all. They certainly knew much better than that. The fig tree represents old Israel.,,, hence the lies that natural Israel is something special to God.

They tired or set up this false concept, which still prevails over this earth…that Israel is somehow special and have special privileges with God. It is nothing but lies of that old serpent. They tried to ‘cover’ themselves with these lies. Jesus clearly showed that old Jerusalem was in the days of Cain. Mat 23.

So, they set up this lie that Jerusalem is God’s people, and they were that Jerusalem. But it is not the Holy Jerusalem, for they are murderers. Jesus said they murdered everyone, all the shed blood on this earth. Mat 23. check it our for yourself. The truth is there. This lie was started by Adam.

Yes, that action was and still is ERROR. it is the insufficient covering. God’s true people are the ones who come to God through Jesus Christ and his blood. They are the Israel of God. But Adam, and most since him, started the lie that somehow a natural people is his Israel and therefore, is the fig leaves. But it does not cover them in the eyes of God.

Animal blood will never do the job. So the ‘fig leaves’ are not the thing. The tree of Life is where the healing LEAVES come from. Put the entire Word of God into this to get the truth. It is not natural trees or natural leaves.

Those fig leaves were the tree which Jesus cursed and it died,…dried up from the roots, immediately when Jesus spoke against it…it was old law..old Jerusalem. Jesus cursed it and it died.

He gave his salvation to this entire world, not someone natural people. The true gospel of Grace is the leaves which heal…not the lies of a natural jew. or law.

Yes, the law is still making people know today that they are naked and lost.

Grace is the only covering. the seventh church is called NAKED and BLIND. It is the same nakedness.
Carnal reasoning stinks.

By: Jo Smith, Oct 9, 2010

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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