Is Adam the Annointed Cherub?

Again, this is one of my answers to a question on yahoo questions, concerning the anointed cherub and satan.  They refuse to see this truth.  I have posted it there many times and here also.  Yet everyone still says Lucifer was an angel.  what say ye?
I have posted the truth of this here, many times. Yet no one seems able to accept the proven truth.
It says in Eze 28 that this anointed cherub was a MAN, WHOM GOD CREATED PERFECT, AND PLACED HIM IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN.
Then this MAN sinned, and thus God said, I have driven him OUT for his wickedness.

Cherub is not an angel. The cherubs are the same in Eze 1 and 10 as the OX. The ox is one of the four faces of the mature CHRISTIANS.
The first cherubs to keep the way of the tree of life, was the APOSTLES OF JESUS CHRIST.

They are again ANOINTED by God, with power from on high.

God gave to his son, ADAM, the power to rule over this world. that is why he has so much POWER and is so able to fight against the kingdom of Christ. HE IS THE SON OF GOD, TO WHOM GOD FIRST ANOINTED WITH POWER TO RULE THIS WORLD.

That power still rests in ADAM the fallen SON OF GOD. He is that anointed cherub, who became wicked and rebelled against God. God said he was perfect, until iniquity was found in him.
God said he was a man, created by God.
God said, he had been in Eden, the garden of God.
God said, I have driven him out, (of Eden) because of his wickedness.

Do any of you know of anyone, man or angel, this fits, OTHER THAN ADAM?

Of course not. God proved it is Adam, God’s SON. Not an angel. yet everyone insists on calling him an angel, because they ‘think’ a cherub’ has to be an angel. Not so.

God never gave to any angel the power to rule this world. He never anointed any angel. He anointed his SON, ADAM. 
Adam became SATAN because of his sin. Satan is merely an adjective describing his condition now.

He is Lucifer, the son of the morning; light bearer, BEFORE HE SINNED.

Why is there no one out there who can see this truth and accept it? I am yet to see anyone get this truth, yet it is clearly revealed to be Adam.
None other was in Eden. None other was cast out of Eden because of his wickedness. Adam is Satan. adam is the old serpent. Adam was perfect, before he sinned. Now he is satan, the wicked one. Adam and Lucifer are one and the same. Satan and Adam are one and the same.

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