Who Was Fully Man Fully God?

 God revealed this to me this morning. As He has been teaching me the truth about Adam and Eve for many years, it becomes easy to see where these false teachings came from. This false teaching came from ADAM. Adam is that anointed cherub of Eze 28, contrary to what everyone seems to think. God said this was a MAN, whom he had CREATED perfect. And that this MAN had been in EDEN, and that God drove him out of Eden, because of his wickedness.

Now can any of you show where this could be anyone OTHER THAN ADAM? Of course not. So God revealed this to me: the teaching of a MAN being fully MAN and also fully God, was the teaching Adam had going on about HIMSELF. He was lifting himself up as GOD. But since they knew he was a MAN, he had to make up something they could fall for. Hence, this teaching: if God created a man, then that man had to be a god also.

So when you say Jesus was fully man and fully God, you are passing along this hugh LIE THAT ADAM STARTED ABOUT HIMSELF. You are into GOLDEN CALF WORSHIP. The golden calf is the image for Adam. Since he was that anointed CHERUB, WHICH IS ALSO CALLED THE OX, IN EZE 1 AND 10, then Adam is the MAN WHO CLAIMS TO BE BOTH; FULLY MAN AND FULLY GOD.

Jesus Christ never once uttered those words; hence, He did not teach this lie. So it is not of God’s truth. No apostle ever taught this lie either. So is has to be satanic teaching. Nothing new under the sun. But since this is not once stated in ANY SINGLE SCRIPTURE, IT HAS TO HAVE BEEN ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FLOOD. Everything goes back to ADAM.

By: Jo Smith~~~ March 13, 2012

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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