When You Think You Are Alone

Ever feel in this world that no one supports you on anything? Or all they have to say is negative stuff about your ideas? The people that say these things do Not have the Mind of God. They have the mouth and mind of the devil. The devil is the Father of All Lies. So, when you encounter any negative words or actions by anything: News Media, News Articles, people in general, remember that these things are from the Devil. And it is a lie. And God loves us and will always tell us His Truth in His Word. Read His Word daily. This is food for your soul. God DOES NOT CARE about the color of your skin, how tall you are, how much money is in your bank account. He cares about your soul.

A persons soul must seek after God. A human being can not see a person’s soul.

Only God knows the condition of a person’s soul.

Your soul separates from the body when the flesh dies (Physical death). And it Goes back to God. Man can not separate a persons soul from another human being. He has no power to do this. But he wish he had this power. See, man is always trying to be better than God. They believe the lie that they are made in his image and likeness today. But man is NOT!

Lying preachers has convinced mankind that they are like God. But fleshly man is the Devil. Because of sin.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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