The word of God is so exciting… just reading Eze 26… there is the destruction of the old church system. and raising up a glorious system in its place.also, before this, the destruction of the old law system.also, think of it as personal.two nations in one. one was taken and the other left. the one that is left becomes something glorious. the two parts that are destroyed….flesh, the carnal that is a glorious revelation. Linda, see if you see this in chapter 26. I think, nationally, right now we are seeing the beginning of the destruction of the Babylon part of our country. but in it will be also the destruction of old carnal church system; also our carnal selves. it is all there in chapter 26; hidden for ages.

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  1. I see the destruction of Adam’s Kingdom. Look at Verse 2. It says: Son of Man, because that Tyrus hath said against Jerusalem, Aha, she is broken that was the gate of the people: He is speaking of Eve. And God is bringing Judgement upon him because Adam thinks Eve is broken. See how it says: “that was the gates of the people. She was that righteous gate for the children of God. A gate protects. And Adam thinks it is broken.
    Let us keep reading: “She is turned unto me” Adam thinks Eve has turned from God to him. Look at the next statement: ” I shall be replenished”. Maybe he thought he would get his glory and power back that he had before. I do not know right now. And look at the last sentence: She is laid waste. Adam thinks she is destroyed. What do you think?


  2. wow. that is glorious. thanks. I had not seen that part of this message. so glad we discussed it before I write about it. you can write about it also if you wish. you have seen revelation into this that I did not see, but then I only started seeing into it near the end.


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