How To Stop Sinning

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One of my Yahoo answers:

I will tell you the secret to loving righteousness and HATING sin and iniquity. it is the ONLY way possible and it is a message which this world, today, rejects and hates. But it is the only way.

Go back to Acts 2. This is the only way to true salvation, regardless of how many carnal churches deny it and claim all you have to do is say you believe and ask forgiveness.

God DOES not forgive until there is genuine REPENTANCE, which means making up your mind to stop sinning. Period. stop.

Reach a point you hate the sin and how it makes you feel under condemnation. Do a final repenting. BUT…that is not the end of the matter.
Now here comes the part most people hate and put me down for:
You absolutely must seek God to be filled with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, according to Acts 2. (obeying Acts 2:38 is a must).

Until you are filled with the Holy Ghost, (and this DOES NOT come with just repenting or saying I believe and forgive me. THAT IS NOT receiving the Holy Ghost. ) 
Read Acts 19…the same Paul who said believe and you shall be saved, also said, have you received the HG SINCE YOU BELIEVED>?

HAVE YOU? I SERIOUSLY doubt it for if so, that desire for filth would have left you…leaving you clean and Holy and a desire for Holy things ONLY.
This is what the entire church world today, is missing.

You cannot stop the sinful desires without the infilling of the HG.

By one SPIRIT are we ALL baptized INTO the body of Christ.
There is no other way of getting in there.
No church going; no church membership; or anything else can put you into Christ, EXCEPT that baptism of the HG.

So why do so many refuse this? the lies of the whore church that it was only for back then.
God required it then, and he still requires it. He has never changed and he never will.
As long as there are human flesh people in this world, that will still be the only way into Christ.
god has not changed it one tiny bit. and herein lies the secret as to why most people think they are saved and still a sinner. It is not possible.

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