Our Wall

Our WallBy: Jo Smith…. Feb 20. 2021We had a Great WallIt was strong and tallBehind it was safety for all.But along came an enemy and caused it to fall.Invaders from far and nearHave given us great reason for fear.We now must shed a tearFor the damage that we hear. Now, all we see is grief and misery. For all they have done is injury.It is the same from all historyWithout the wall, there is no victory. The Great Wall was given to us by a great man.He had come up with a big planThat would have saved us from this destructive caravan,Now we must save ourselves any way that we can. The wicked say tear it downBuild up a new town.Take away from them their crownWe no longer want them around. They say, America has stood too longNow we must give to them a songA song of goodby and be gone.You should never have even come along. They want to tear down the good and set up the bad.They wish to tear down all the glory that we have had.But God in his Mercy will give us joy and make us glad.He will restore His blessings and we will no longer be sad. To God be the glory and all praiseOur fire will again blazeAnd the entire world will gazeAnd know that serving God always pays. A glorious day will returnAnd there will be no more ruin.Our great man is coming backAnd then everything will be on-track.

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