Dual Nature?

what do you mean by dual nature? I think they are saying that Jesus had the nature of man and also of God.

I think they mean that Jesus was both God and man. I hear they say the outside , or human part, is man and the inside is God.

None of this is true. None of it is taught in Scripture. If people would learn to take everything they hear or think, to Scripture and either prove it or disprove it, then they could come to the light.
They all, we all, must learn not to add one word to God’s Word. Or take away one word. this means we must be able to read it in the Scripture exactly as it is stated.

if we insert one word of our own, that makes it a lie.

God commands us not to do that. if you hear a thing, and none of it is written in Scripture, as they say it, then know that it is lies.

God the Son, is a term which is not one time written in Scripture. The Son was not God.

No Scripture ever says that God came to earth as a man, in human flesh, or robed in flesh. all of these things are made up lies, trying to explain what they do not know.

No scripture says that Jesus had a dual nature. It is lies, made up to try to prove the false teaching of JEsus being God.

Is there any such thing in Scripture as a binitarian? where is that in Scriptrue?
is monotheist in Scripture? No, it is not Scripural. God told me to only use Scriptural terms. If you do this, you will be safe and find truth. To seek for the answer to God, by numbers, or how many, is the height of folly. It will NEVER, EVER give you any truth. To say that God is 1, 2, or 3, is to belittle God more than you can imagine.

God is not in number. any more than human is in number. any more than stars are in number. The members of God cannot be numbered. He is infinite.
(hope you some day see this great truth).

So to say you believe a monotheist god is saying something not written in Scripture. it is foreign to God.

So what does God say about himself? He said as the body is one but has many members, so is Christ, who is the IMAGE of God.

He said we are all one. Jesus said my father and I are one, and the Jesus only people grabbed that up and ran wild with it, in all the wrong directions.

They refuse to deal with all the other places this word, One, Is used in this same way.
Paul said we are ALL ONE. Why do they not conceed then, that there is only 1 person in the human kingdom?

He said there is one bride of Christ…why don’t they decide then that only 1 of us made it?

He said husband and wife are ONE FLESH. Why don’t they say one of them disappeared and only 1 is left? It is the same thing.

Why did Jesus pray in John 17 that we all would be ONE AS THEY ARE ONE? what did he mean? that all of us die and cease, to be, except 1 of us?

why can’t you all see that the Jesus only doctrine is not proven anywhere in Scripture. It does not match one single thing written in Scripture.

is Mary the mother of God? did man kill the word of God?

why not deal with these things? if you wish to come to the real truth.

God is not a person.
God is not just 1. anymore than the Church is just 1 member. or our human body is just 1 member.

Study what the word DOES say, and let what men say go for a while. See what is written in Scripture, for that is all we have of God’s word.

God did not say he is a monotheist. now did he? No. he said he is ONE, meaning the same thing paul meant when he said you are all ONE.

and on the day of Pentecost, they were ALL in ONE MIND AND ONE ACCORD. does that mean only 1 brain was among them?
decide for yourself. pray and ask God to give you his truth……if that is what you want.

by: Jo Smith

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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