Do You Study Scriptures?

this is from five years ago; another subject that we discussed last night:

When one must run to some ‘building/church’ to be with God, that one has never met the true God. Where did this teaching come from? anyone know of a verse? My God is with me daily/ 24/7.
It is false, pride, and all for man’s agenda, to teach folks that they have to have a ‘church/pastor’ to prosper with God. God is my shepherd, my pastor, the church is me. I am never weak for my God is always strengthening me. I praise my God for giving me his truth and his strength and knowledge, that we are ALL ONE.

I think my Jesus that he led me out of that Babylon bondage = gotta RUN ; gotta go; gotta have that man lead your. Jesus set me FREE. Do any of you wish to be set free?

Stephen was stoned to death for this very same message. God does NOT dwell in buildings made with man’s hands. Oh, how religious folks do hate this truth. Do not dare think you can WORSHIP the Eternal God, every day, every minute, all alone if need be. (Don’t want any of you growing up in Christ, you know.)
[for then they lose power over you. ]
If you want to see people hit the door, running, just start preaching the TRUTH.

It is a spiritual crime against young Christians to lead them to believe they can only get understanding of God’s word from some man, who calls himself a preacher.
If we have the anointing of God, we need not that man teach us, for the anointing teaches us. 1John.
‘preachers’ do not like this verse and will not teach it. They lead people to think they must lean on that MAN, instead of seeking God, studying the word for themselves, and becoming a teacher, as Hebrews says….it is time for you all to become teachers…yet you need someone to teach you again.
It is infanticide. spiritual infanticide.

Tell them, go get messages from God, for your own self. This is the true Glory..having God teach you.
How few know this. They listen to some man telling them they will not be able to live for god, outside those four walls.
Such hideous lies of Babylon. come out of her, my people.

I copied it all into this one, for if I just re-send it they will not send the comments. they are all here together.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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