What is birth? When does birth occur?
As goes the natural, so goes the spiritual.
A baby growing inside its mother has a kind of life there. It cannot even imagine what life is like outside the womb. But it has a life in there.

The mother feels her baby moving around in her womb. That Baby is a total different person from its mother. She knows it is there, but as yet she does not KNOW the person that it will be.

The baby had no idea what life is like outside the womb. That is all it knows. It cannot imagine anything else.

Until that baby comes out of its mother it is not born. After it is born it has a total different kind of life that what it knew inside the womb. It will never remember that life again.

So it is spiritually. A new child of God is conceived in the womb of the soul when a person receives the Seed of God or the Holy Ghost into their spiritual soul. That spiritual soul is this human body.

We actually have a son of God growing inside us. That son of God has not been born yet. It has a life inside us and we feel its presence moving in us. Yet until that life comes out of this human spiritual womb, that son of God has not been born.

It cannot even imagine what life will be like outside this human womb of our soul.

Until we DIE, that son of God remains inside us. It has not been BORN.

No matter how many liars teach you that you have already been ‘born again’ it is just not true. You are still here in this earthly body/life.

When a person ‘dies’, only this body dies. That living life of a son of God, inside us, does not die. It IS THEN BORN.

When it comes out of this spiritual womb of our human body, the mothers, then it is BIRTHED into its new world or life.

Man cannot imagine, has not entered into the heart/mind of man what God has prepared for those who love him and allow this son of God to grow inside us.

Now mind you, joining a church DOES NOT MAKE YOU ‘WITH CHILD’. YOU DO not receive the seed of God by running to some church, or some xmess party, or singing or any of the other things you ‘think’ make you spiritual. It is all dead. deception.

Until you have the Spirit of God, the spirit of Christ KNOW YOU by filling you with the Holy Ghost, you have not received that child of God inside yourself.

That child of God, inside yourself, is still in the womb and will not leave that earthly ‘mother’, until what we call ‘death’ takes place.

It will then arise into a new world. It will then take its place as a new life in a new world that we cannot even imagine now/ here.

If you fail to go on to know the Lord in obedience to his word, you will never birth that child of God.

You are still a human corruptible being. When a son of God is BORN they are no longer a corruptible mortal being.

Until you receive the holy Ghost you are not even ‘pregnant’ with a child of God.

Jo Smith. Dec 22, 2019

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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