God Said It

God said….think on this…God said it….I would rather have you COLD than lukewarm..
what is lukewarm?
It is INDIFFERENT….it is churchanity.
Yes, that church you all love so much is your downfall. it is a total substitute for God.
It keeps you an invalid. It keeps you from growing up in Christ Jesus. that preacher wants you under this thumb…paying him…he is your enemy. He teaches you only lies, for that is all he knows.
The church system is not one thing at all like God said to be.

It is the cage you birds are trapped in.

Unless you get out and turn to the Word of God, you will be lost.

Lukewarm….goes to church…faithfully…..tithes….and feels secure in this…Yet you have nothing with God.

Hot, is you think on God all the time….study his Word…are passionate about him and his Word.
You cannot love God, the true God, without loving his WORD.

anyone who things the Word of God is of little or no importance, has no connection with God.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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