Today’s Christians

In relation to the video by Polly: but, spiritual from me:
I had this in mind before watching the video, but when she said, we must keep fighting or the evil ones win. yes, I must keep fighting for I know of NO ONE ELSE who is doing this ministry that God has given to me.

is it right, normal, for a BABY to continue, year after year, for 50, 60 or more years,,,, believing that they cannot feed themselves and must have SOMEONE ELSE FEED THEM A BOTTLE?

They if everyone did that, no new people would ever exist and would become extinct.

That is what church, or satan, is doing to Christianity.

keeping you BABIES, believing that God will not. FEED YOU HIMSELF,,,, and you are totally dependant on that ‘church/preacher’. and you must pay that monster to give you the koolaid.

a Christian, should only be in church, under a pastor, a few short years; perhaps two. if in those two years, you have not grown up and learned enough to JOIN THE MINISTERS, in carrying the word of God to the world, to feed the sheep of God, then you and they have FAILED.

Every Christian is supposed to learn the truth of God’s word and grow up, quickly, and become a minister, seeking to advance the kingdom of God on this earth.

Instead, those paid wolves, have, for their own evil, self interest, taught you Lies AND KEPT YOU dependant on them thereby preventing you from growing up in Christ and becoming useful to the kingdom of God.

the deception is….oh you help by being here; adding up our number; putting your money in with us; singing, playing music, or pretending to be a teacher by reading the junk sent to you by the organization. YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF GOD’S WORD YOURSELF….TO THE DISGRACE OF THE LORDS WORK.


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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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