Benny Hinn

Here is what Benny Hinn said; I just copied this from one of his posts: “God wants to anoint and bless your pocketbook so the Gospel can go forth as never before! That can only happen when you sow seed faithfully so the message of Christ can be proclaimed.”

See, how men dare to change the true gospel of God’s word, to pad their own pocketbooks…. They destroy their own ministries with this kind of hacking the word of God.

Now, if someone can show me that message, or anything of the kind, in God’s word, I will say I am wrong…but..until then, this is a message of satan. i hate it because he could have done so much good…but seems he has sold out for money, same as all the rest.

Now if he preached the true gospel, he would tell the many people he reaches….go YE out into the highways and hedges, and teach the people…all of God’s people have this call…and command…not just a few rich men.

Not one single scripture says to sow a seed of MONEY FOR FAITH. God has never dealt in money. satan does that.

How deceiving this money message is. give and it shall be given to you….and preachers warp this and say it means for you to give your money to them.
lies of the devil.
It means we are all to study God’s word, SO WE HAVE SOMETHING TO FEED THE SHEEP OF GOD.

How satan hates to hear the truth.

seems there is not one out there that has stayed true to the ministry of Jesus christ and his apostles. Never heard one of them make such statements….sow a seed of faith BY SENDING ME YOUR MONEY.

but then, who wants any truth? it is hard to find anyone who wants to know that Jesus Christ was a MAN…APPORVED BY GOD.

the book of Enoch solidly proves these glorious truth that God has revealed to me. Precious truths that this church of our day knows not one thing about; not do they want to know. so satan has control of the nations of this world, including the USA.

Jo smith.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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