The Book of Enoch

according to Enoch, a great man of God, to whom was all the secrets of God were revealed…
he, knowing the deep truth of God as no other ever knew.. said that
Adam was white. a white ‘bull’. he and his heifer, Eve, had two sons.
Cain was black.
Abel was red.
Then Cain killed Abel and Eve grieved and grieved and looked and looked for her son and could not find him….
finally the white bull, her husband came and comforted her and she stopped crying and looking for her son.

Then they had another white bull which of course was Seth.
it goes on down till the birth of Noah, who was so white and beautiful that Lamech thought him to be the son of an angel, and not his own son.
But Enoch, from his place in the ‘heavenlies’ told him that this child was his own son and would have three of his own and how they would be saved from the total destruction that God was going to send on that violent world.
As I at first thought, God changed them on the Ark. That white bull became a man. that is Noah.
Then when they came off the ark, there was a black bull, which was Ham.
There was a red Bull which was Japheth.
Then there was a white bull, which was Shem.

Now they went on to become sheep. Then after much other stuff, there came up wolves, elephants, heiners, and other bad ‘animals’. But it was really other ‘folks’.
Then finally another white one came up, which was Abraham.
He brought up lots of white sheep. and on and on it goes.
Now folks need to hear what God is saying and STOP TRYING TO WAR AGAIN WHITE PEOPLE.

Look at the seals. you will see the very same layout.
Not going to try and explain it here. but this is from the book of Enoch, which I see is very much the pure word of God.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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