As I Was Reading Tonight

In reading the last chapters of Jeremiah tonight, It took a while, but finally that anointing ‘kicked’ in and I finally ‘SAW’ this in the true sense of spirituality, that God’s word is.

It is late tonight so I will not attempt to write it now, but just had to tell you something, before I forget…
The king of Nineveh saved his city from being destroyed. How did he do this?
Think about this a minute;
The king was HIGH up, sitting on a THRONE. He was high and lifted up; proud. riding the HIGH ROAD.

Jesus said, I am meek and LOWLY.
This is meek, humble spirit is ALL that God will ever accept.

The king of Nineveh rose up off his throne; came DOWN and sat is ashes, clothed in sackcloth, a sign of true humility.

He order the entire city to do the same; fast and put on sackcloth; repent. This saved their City from destruction.

But to the spiritual mind, things are always backwards to what it at first appears to be.
So when it seems the Word is telling us that God is destroying, say, Babylon or Moab, as in Jeremiah, in truth, He is making Christians out of them.

so glorious. We, the true Church, as in Peter, Paul, etc. must take out our SWORD, strike down that proud haughty spirit, kill you; cause you to quite burning incense to your idol gods; stop making cakes to the queen of heaven = all your holidays or idols.

We must take BLOOD. We must get you into the covering of Jesus. We must stop all those DIFFERENT NATIONS from being DIFFERENT NATIONS. We must all become ONE.

The early church did just this; they did not stop and become at ease, they fought day and night to convert the world of their day. and they did just this. brought all those idol worshippers DOWN.
They made Christians out of them.

But in order to do this, they had to make them to become as WOMEN.
Yes, this is glorious. their mighty MEN HAD TO BECOME AS WOMEN.

Ponder this a bit.

It is marvelous.
She, SHE, she, shall be SAVED IN CHILDBEARING.

It is not referring to having natural babies. this puts them into Babylon.
We must ALL, men and women, bear a child to God, be born again; in order to escape Babylon and get into HOLINESS, or heaven.

Love this great message. This is a tiny short version of the one I will attempt to write when I get some rest.

But just had to share this much of this powerful truth tonight.

Love to you all; my sword is sent out in love. may not seem so, when it strikes you. but this is the only way. go and make converts. get them out of idolatry. else, when Babylon is finally destroyed, you will be in her.

By: Jo Smith …Jan 8, 2016
my first message this year. and it is only a partial. but better than nothing.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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