Does Adam Lead You or Jesus Lead You?

Adam teaches that some MAN must be BETWEEN you and God. Hence, the popular, PASTOR, PRIEST, POPE, ETC. When you feel you must have some MAN stand before you, teach you, get you into God’s presence, YOU ARE INTO GOLDEN CALF WORSHIP….as this puts MAN up into the high place of being your MEDIATOR, or go-between. You are a babe, if anything at all, in Christ, when you must let someone else FEED YOU. Oh I know…the truth is not liked at all. Look at the millions of Catholics, millions of protestants, millions of holiness, etc, who ALL TEACH A GOD INCARNATE, OR A MAN, WHO IS BOTH, FULLY MAN AND FULLY GOD,..WITHOUT ONE SINGLE WORD OF SCRIPTURE SAYING THIS.

Ask yourself, if this is the truth, why is it held up by ALL religions, which claim to be of Christianity? Jesus said only a FEW will find the right path which leads to eternal life. Adam deceived Eve into think she had to go to HIM to get something from God. It is LAW. Obey those who have the rule over you? Then Why would anyone have the RULE over you, IF YOU ARE FREE? no way. It is LAW, THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. Adam teaches it was sex, or an apple, or any other thing EXCEPT THE TRUTH. He took them into LAW, by which is nothing but DEATH. it is by LAW, that you need to run to some man-made building; system; man over you.

I know no one wants these truths. But God gave them to me, so I must try and put it out. Jesus said, take heed HOW you hear. do you HEAR law? Do you hear some MAN saying, obey those who have the rule over you? if so, you are listening to Adam’s teaching of LAW. SURE IT IS WRITTEN IN SCRIPTURE BECAUSE LAW IS IN SCRIPTURE SAME AS GRACE IS. But which do you HEAR and live by? If, you must run to some man-made system, and listen to some MAN teach you, when God said, you need not that man teach you…if you still need that…you are not grown up at all, but still a babe, being fed the lies of Adam/satan.

But guess what….a man being fully man and fully god, is not once written in scripture. God would not allow that LIE TO BE SAID in his word. Yet every single church teaches this LIE. WHY? Adam still rules this earth, seeking whom he be devour. He is still seeking to be worshiped as your god. When you gaze upon some MAN, looking up to him as your shepherd, YOU ARE INTO CALF WORSHIP. God said in Jer and Eze, that the SHEPHERDS are the very ones who polluted your ‘waters’ and deceived you. So there you have the truth of it. Like it or not, this truth will meet you at the judgment. Not because I said it; but because it is God’s proven truth, and you reject truth and accept man’s lies.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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