The Right Way

The right way
By: Jo Smith…… March 10, 2021

Two saith he, shall be one
Do what he commands and it will be fun.
You will be happy very soon
Due to his Words coming true.

Find your place in the Lord
Bind his words into your mind
Blind yourself to all else.
Mind the things that are Godly.

Try with all your might
Why risk loosing that which is right?
Die to self
Lie not at all.

Study the Word of God
Muddy it will be if you do not.
Bloody will be your way
Ruddy and white is the look of the chosen.

Learn the ways of God
Turn from your own ways.
Yearn for his presence each day
Discern anything that stands in your way.

Prayer is a great tool.
Where will you be without this?
Rare is the person who finds the prize.
Heir of God he will be.

Pray each and every day.
Lay his words up in your heart.
Weigh each and every deed.
Stay in his good grace.

Lie not one to another.
Why risk losing eternal life?
Buy without money and without price.
Die not the second death.

Choose Wisdom for it is the choice thing.
Refuse anything that is against the Kingdom of God.
Accuse no one of evil unjustly.
Use the gifts of God to help everyone.

Speak the truth always.
Seek the Love of God.
Weak you will not be.
Bleak your life will not be.

Stand for that which is right and good.
Demand truth from everyone.
Sand will not be your foundation.
Grand will be your heavenly home.

Heal the sick.
Kneel in prayer each day.
Steal nothing and give to others.
Real His love will be to you.

Sing praises to God.
Bring other sheep to him.
Cling to Him with all your might.
Spring will live in your soul.

This little poem will bring
Bliss to you if you obey.
Dismiss anything that stands in your way.
Kiss the Son lest he be angry with you.

[This is my new kind of Poem….. rhyming the first word in each line instead of the last word. Just wanted to give this a try.]

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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