what matters

You can testify all you wish.  you can say, I believe in Christ.

You can say, I go to church.

anything and everything….but the one thing that matters, and a ministry that I know of no one else is doing.

You MUST study and learn the WORD OF GOD.

Get to the TRUTH.

but no.  folks want their IDOLS.   they chose their idols above all else.  what idols, they say.  they think that because they do not BOW down and pray that the things are not idols.

that is just a tiny part of ‘worship’

just admiring a thing is worship.

Just spending your time on it is a form of worship.

they think cause they run to their ‘church’, and say I believe…that they are assured of heaven. NOT SO.

where do you find a ministry that devotes their time, effort and dealings only on THE TRUE MEANING OF SCRIPTURE?

that is all that matters and all that God will ever accept you for and judge you for.  but you love your church idol because it allows you to hold to your other idols



easter, new years junk, halloween and all the other junk you spend your life on.

but you say, I believe christ….I love christ…i this and that…..but the Word of God means nOTHING TO YOU.

It will all FAIL.

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