God Showed Me This In A Dream

amazing that I am right now doing what God showed me in this dream that I posted a few years ago:

Hi, I just wanted to tell you something. last night, I was in something like a sub-counscious. I thought at the time that I was awake, but when I awoke fully, I realized that I had not been fully awake.

God was telling me things; it seemed like I was preaching it to others. I went through the Word, many places, showing them Eve. It was fantastic. It was so clear, the places that God showed me was Eve.

I cannot remember it all now, truly wish I could. It was a marvelous revelation.
I was asking them, if they knew where Eve is. Then Go God was showing me where Eve is now.
He traced her through many scriptures and came to this: the serpent has tried to destroy the HELP MEET, since the beginning of her life. If the help meet ever gets into full control, the world will come to peace and glory. Serpent will no longer be in control and his evil will be stopped.

So he did all kinds of bad things to Eve, to stop her mission. First, he talked her into shaving her head! This cut off her power, so then he could lead her into deception and the transgression.

He made her keep her hair cut off, so she could not regain her power.
ThenGod showed me that the NUNS, are this de-faced Eve.
See, how the make them shave their heads, and then wear a CLOTH over the head, taking the place of the long Hair, which was her covering and her source
of power.
And see, this is why the Moslems make their women wear that veil. It breaks her spirit and her power and makes her into a non-thing. They are trying to tell this world that a woman, hidden behind a stack of cloth, is holy . Nothing but lies of the Devil. God said that long hair is what he likes.
See how the priests are all MEN and have only to do with other men. That is the serpent spirit. Every time a false teacher opens his mouth, the serpent tongues comes out.
The SERPENT is a full kingdom. Adam’s spirit never died and it is on all men, except the FEW who can truly come to God’s truth and allow the woman to do anything a man can do. she is the spiritual leader.
See, Cain also had that serpent spirit. the Pharisees, of Jesus’s day had the serpent spirit. It has never stopped. It will continue till God casts it into hell fire.

So these priests/popes, make the NUNS shave their heads, and then substitute
a cloth for the hair! thus she is powerless and has nothing in her life. See, the name they call them, is derogatory … nun….none-existent. This is what God showed me.

God then said, and I was asking it…”Do you know where Eve is today?” Then he said, Do you know where the serpent is today.

To those who say serpent is now a snake, crawling around, they have no idea what the Scripture serpent is or where it is today. Hence, they are in total darkness and error.

In this error they set the woman down and raise up the man = the same thing serpent did to Eve.
When anyone claims that God said she can’t preach or teach, and must be silent, and that man must rule over her…GOD SAID THIS IS SERPENT HISSING.

So every woman who is subjected to this downgrading and debasing act, is the mangled Eve today.

She is being poisoned by serpent. All who say such things against the woman, is the serpent, hissing out his poison.
Hannah, Samuel’s mother, was the true Eve. she was not down-trodden, but was in the level place with her husband and he regarded her.

There were many others, .. Deborah. She had the Eve spirit. Every truly righteous person has the Eve spirit. We are the New Jerusalem, the children which Eve bore.

Where is the serpent today? In the mouth of all who say the woman must be silent and not able to teach the Word of God, or be ruled over by a man. See, many think that the old serpent in Eden, ceased back then. but no, he appears in the book of Revelation. It is Adam’s spirit, living on in the wicked who accept his lies.

Sarah had the Eve spirit. See, they are all through the Word of God. She is not dead. She lives on in her daughters.

1Tim 2: 12 But I suffer not a woman to teach , nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. 13 For Adam wasfirst formed , then Eve. 14 And Adam was not deceived ,
but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 15 Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.

Ok, look at this a minute: Why would Paul be saying, way down here, in his day and our day, that Eve will be saved in childbearing? How could she NOW be saved in childbearing? It is not speaking about having natural children, of course.
It is saying that EVE is still here, in her children, who continue in the faith, charity and holiness which Mother Eve had.
So it is showing that Eve is in her children, the RIGHTEOUS ONES.

So, any who are righteous, are Eve. I had never seen this before. we are a continuing on of Eve’s righteous SEED, IF WE continue in the same holiness which she lived. she is not dead; she lives on in the RIGHTEOUS ONES.

SEE, IT is saying that this RIGHTEOUS SEED will never perish, as long as some children are being born into the kingdom of God. Eve is the Mother of such. So, her seed is in them. She will never cease, so long as some children are born into the kingdom of God.

The serpent is that Adam, who holds her into the bondage which Paul laid out in the first part of this chapter. And yet it looks like Paul and God said this. That is the misunderstanding of people. It is not saying that the righteous women have to be silent and not teach. It is saying those, (male or female), who are still carnal minded, = serpents, must not teaching a son of God, which can be either a man or woman.

the serpents have made total havoc of God’s Holy word. And even now, everyone who reads this, will call it lies of the devil. But I know God revealed this to me, this morning. It is his truth.
Eve could not be spoken of in Paul’s day, as though she is going to still be saved if she bears children. Where is everyone’s mind?

By : Jo Smith Nov 28, 2011.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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