Easter is the Worship of Idols

Moses went up on Mt Sinai, alone, and God came down and talked with the man, Moses. He gave Moses a set of stones, which God himself had written upon.
Moses came down from the mountain, only to find the children of Israel, ALL OF THEM, naked and dancing around a golden calf…idol worship.
They did not wish to hear God’s voice, so he said they would never hear his voice again.

Those idol worshippers never read the word of God. They were not even interested is what was written on those stones.

God came to hate this wicked nation. Now, when a man, church, or anyone teaches stuff which is NOT written in God’s word, they are teaching, believing and living Satan’s word.

Scripture said, examine yourselves and see if you are in the Faith.
How can you do this? Prove that what you believe, teach and live, is written in The Word of God. If not, it is satan’s word and ways.

So now:
Is coloring eggs, hiding them and hunting them, to celebrate a resurrection, even once mentioned in any scripture? do you know?
I seriously doubt that anyone who can partake in this evil worship of the legendary goddess of fertility, which is what that egg hunt is all about, has read the Word of God enough to even know if it is written or not. I do not think you care.

God revealed to me this morning that all who do these evil devil-worship holidays, are the very same as those old Israelites, dancing around their god, that golden calf.

Moses was the only one among them who could hear the voice of God which is the only truth. The rest were blinded and left to die, eternally. God hated them.

Is it the Word of God, or myths and legends? Is putting up a tree and decorating that thing, exchanging gifts, to celebrate some birthday, written in Scripture? Nope. Then it has to be the myths, which of course is satan’s word and ways.

So now…how can you claim to be a Christian, obeying God, and loving his truth, when you are the one dancing around that golden calf = egg hunts; tree decorating, xmess. putting on halloween junk…. is any of this written in God’s word? Of course not.

But the majority of ‘churched ‘ folks have never read God’s word enough to know if it is written or not. They simply do not care for God’s word, hence, they hate God.

You who think you can do it both ways….. serve the true God, and yet still dance around those idols, are the most wicked and deceived people there is. You would be better off just quitting pretending any religion.

If you cannot prove that what you do, believe and act upon, is of God, then you prove that you serve satan and do not care.

When you support any preacher or church which is involved with this golden calf, idol worship, of holidays, making merchandise in the name of your church, you prove that you love satan and his ways. This was forbidden by Jesus, so you serve satan.

By: Jo Smith… March 21, 2016

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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