Identify the True Jesus

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Identity of the true Jesus.

God spoke directly to me, years ago, and told me to always use only Scriptural terminology.   The reason this is so important is that if we speak anything concerning God, which is NOT written in Scripture, then we are making a lie.  We are either adding to His word or taking away from it and changing it.  This makes it a lie.

Just because the lie has been told so many times, for so long, and that most people now believe the lie, does NOT MAKE IT TRUE.

Who really wants the truth?  If you do, you must seek the answers solely from written Scripture.  Do not accept anything that you cannot solidly prove with written scripture.

We are commanded by God to prove all things.  So when you hear any doctrine or idea, you must take it to the word of God and see if it is written as told, or not.

Unless you do this, you are accepting the words of satan and do not care.  You will never know the truth if you do this and fail to search the Scriptures, as Jesus told us to do.

So now to day I am going to show you proof that Jesus is the natural son of Joseph.  I will prove that Mary was of the family of Aaron.  In order for Jesus to be of the seed of David he had to be the son of Joseph, as Scripture says he is.

In order for Jesus to be what the world/church teaches, men had to make up a lot of lies.  They know that God cannot die, so in order for Jesus to be able to die, they had to make up a false Jesus.  They say this Jesus has a DUAL NATURE… [LIE #1]

So now, this DUAL NATURE is something you need to prove with written Scripture.   Where is it?  It is in the book of lies 3:4

Did you ever read the book of lies?  Of course you have.  Every time you listen to men preaching the false doctrines of men, you are reading this book of lies.

Lie # 2.  Jesus is 100% man and 100% God.  Ever read this lie?  Sure you have.  It is Lies 5:10.  Read it for yourself.

Lie # 3.  Jesus had no human mind of his own;  His inner man is God.  Book of lies 6:2.

Lie #4.  Jesus is a GodMan.  Book of lies 7:12.

Lie #5.  Jesus is God the son.   Book of lies 8:2.

Lie #6.  Jesus is the second person in the Godhead.  Lies 4:77.

Lie #7.  Jesus is God and the only one.  He is his own father.  Lies 8:33.

Lie #8.  Jesus is God incarnate.  Lies 10:44.

LIE #9.  Jesus was born Dec 25, and wants a birthday party every year, complete with decorated trees and many presents.  Lies 44:32.

Lie #10.  Jesus is the word of God.  Lies 3:66.

Lie # 11.  God spoke his word into the womb of Mary and brought forth a baby, who was part human and part God.  Lies 7: 55.  (Not one word of Scripture says any of this).

Let’s begin proving who the true Jesus is/was, with this verse of WRITTEN SCRIPTURE:

Matthew 1 (KJV):1 The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

This very first verse of the NT said that Jesus is the SON OF DAVID and the son of Abraham.   Now I know most people think this came through his mother, Mary.  But I am going to prove by the word of God, that this is simply not true.

16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

See that his geneology is passing through JOSEPH.  Jacob BEGAT Joseph.

21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

22 Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying,

23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

24 Then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him, and took unto him his wife:

25 And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name Jesus.

The angel told Joseph to call the baby’s name JESUS.  Verse 22 shows that the birth of Jesus was done SO THAT something else could be accomplished…another prophesy could be fulfilled… [all this was done, THAT IT MIGHT be fulfilled]… about the virgin bearing a son and THEY shall call his name EMMANUEL.

Not Jesus;  Emmanuel.  Verse25…she brought forth her son and HE CALLED HIS NAME JESUS; Not emmanuel.  

This Emmanuel is the spiritual SON OF GOD, BROUGHT FORTH BY JESUS CHRIST.  Jesus is this virgin which bore Emmanuel.  I will prove it.  (This is not denying that Mary was a virgin).  But the prophesy in Isa 9:6 is about the virgin JESUS.  He was a virgin to God. 

Now I will show you that the natural birth of Jesus was done SO ANOTHER PROPHESY COULD BE FULFILLED… When it said, that it might be fulfilled…. was showing that this first needed to be done, so the other could be done….same as this verse:

14 When he arose, he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt:

15 And was there until the death of Herod: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, Out of Egypt have I called my son.

See here it said they went into Egypt, so this other prophesy could be fulfilled….BUT it was not fulfilled right then, but later.  Same with Jesus being born so later, Emmanuel could come forth.

Luke 1: 5 There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judaea, a certain priest named Zacharias, of the course of Abia: and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name was Elisabeth.

Nothing is Scripture is there without a direct purpose.  When God said, His wife was of the daughters of Aaron, this is for a DIRECT PURPOSE.

27 To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary.

Notice this identifies JOSEPH as being of the house of DAVID.

If Jesus had a ‘dual nature’ it is the same one I have  = I am a fleshly person with a son of God inside me, by the spirit of God that He has given me.  I have an earthly Dad and a heavenly Father.  So it was with Jesus and this next verse PROVES IT:

32 He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David:

Look at this.  I know, most people are too carnal minded, too blind, too deaf to hear or see what this is really saying…but it is here just the same     = two fathers for Jesus.

…he shall be called  (future tense)… the Son of the Highest…. but the Lord God fave to him the throne of his FATHER…DAVID. 

Now either you must see that this mentions TWO DIFFERENT FATHERS FOR JESUS, or you must call David the highest.  YOU MUST CALL DAVID GOD… Which is it?

36 And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren.

Now as I told you, everything in Scripture is there for a direct purpose.  Why did this angel point out the fact that Mary is COUSIN to Elizabeth?  He has already told us that Elizabeth is of the daughters of AARON.  In order for Mary to be her cousin, Mary has to also be from the family of Aaron.  Mary is never identified to be of the family of David and Joseph is.

Matthew 1:20

But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.

Here Joseph is clearly told to be the son of David.  This is very important to proving the true Jesus.

Matthew 12:23

And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David?

Here Jesus is called the son of David.  He is called this many times in scripture.

Luke 1:27

To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary.

Here is solid proof that Joseph was of the house of DAVID. (very important in proving who Jesus really is or was).

Here is proof that Jesus was of the house of David:  Luke 1:69

And hath raised up an horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David;

Luke 2:4

And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David:)

Joseph was of the house and lineage of David.  Why do you suppose the Word of God goes to this much expression to prove that it is Joseph which is the one from the house of David? It never, not once, says that Mary is of the house or lineage of David.  It shows that she is of the house of Aaron.  (This is important in order for Jesus to be a high priest;  of the family of Aaron;  had to be in order to offer a sin-sacrifice to God).

John 7:42

Hath not the scripture said, That Christ cometh of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was?

Now coming from the SEED of David, means the natural humanity of Jesus was from the family of David.  The SEED shows the fleshly children.  The proof of this is in John 8.  Jesus told the Pharisees, I know you are the SEED of Abraham, but you are not his CHILDREN.

So for Jesus to be of the SEED of David, it means coming from the natural sperm of a man.  (must be blunt and clear for most people are so dull of hearing, they cannot see an inch in front of their noses, when it come to the word of God).

Surely everyone knows that the WOMAN DOES NOT CARRY THE MAN’S SEED?  (do you not know this?)

Romans 1:3

Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh;

Now I truly do not know how it could need to be any plainer than the above verse…Jesus was made of the SEED OF DAVID according to the flesh.  …means his fleshly body was from the natural SEED OF DAVID.  Now either it had to come from the son of David, of the house and lineage of David,  JOSEPH, or it had to come from the dead David, laying rotted in a grave.  Which do you think it was?  Can not the Holy Ghost just as easily take seed from Joseph, as to put something into Mary?  How carnal men handle the Word of God.

I asked a person, a few days ago, whose seed did the Holy Ghost put into Mary.  They said,  God seed.  Not so.  this also comes from the Book of lies.

2 Timothy 2:8

Remember that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead according to my gospel:

So now, see how many verse from the true Word of God, (not the book of lies)…says that Jesus is of the SEED OF DAVID?  Read this people…SEED OF DAVID…SPERM OF DAVID…DID MARY HAVE THIS?  And even if she did,  she is of the house and lineage of AARON.  If you say no, the you call the word of God a lie.  And you have no proof of anything else.

Acts 13: 22 And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave their testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will.

23 Of this man’s seed hath God according to his promise raised unto Israel a Saviour, Jesus:

So, God had promised David that of his SEED he would raise up a Savior.  How then can the entire church world say Jesus was born from the seed of God?

God is a spirit and does not have physical seed.  He does not beget natural children.  He begat a spiritual Son, Jesus Christ…brought forth at his RESURRECTION.  

33 God hath fulfilled the same unto us their children, in that he hath raised up Jesus again; as it is also written in the second psalm, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee.

Still in Acts 13… the above proves that the day God beget his Son was the day he raised him from the dead.

Doesn’t that agree with Roman 1:3?  Sure it does.   This was Paul preaching. 

Acts 3: 22 For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.

23 And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.

This proves that Jesus is indeed, the prophet that God told Moses He would raise up, like unto Moses.  People argue with me that Jesus could not be this prophet.  But see here that Peter said he was.  See, they know that when they admit that Jesus is this prophet, that God said, I will put my words into his mouth…they have to see that Jesus is not the Word of God, but God fed his word to Jesus.

Now, Peter preaching:  Acts  2: 29 Men and brethren, let me freely speak unto you of the patriarch David, that he is both dead and buried, and his sepulchre is with us unto this day.

30 Therefore being a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him, that of the fruit of his loins, according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne;

31 He seeing this before spake of the resurrection of Christ, that his soul was not left in hell, neither his flesh did see corruption.

God had sworn with an oath to David, of the fruit of YOUR LOINS, According to the flesh, HE WOULD RAISE UP CHRIST to sit on his throne.  Does this not fit Mat who said God will give him the throne of his Father, David?

How much Scripture can you safely call a lie?  I think NONE.  But you who claim Jesus had no earthly father have to call all of the above verses, and some others,  A LIE.  Do you dare?  Sure you do…for you all read the Book of lies.

Now to prove that Jesus was a MAN, AND NOT A GOD, still in Acts 2…words of Peter:  22 Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourselves also know:

A MAN, APPROVED OF GOD.  Nope, says the book of lies…Jesus is God and nothing can change that.  We will not listen to the King James Scriptures.  We love the book of lies.

Was Jesus, the Christ, born a son of God, from Mary?  Let’s just see:  Col 1: 18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

FIRSTBORN FROM THE DEAD….so was Mary the dead?   No, the book of lies did not say this, so we will not agree with this…say those who hold that Mary had a baby god.

Is there more witness of this:  sure.  Rev 1: 5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,

So, two witnesses:  Jesus Christ, the first BEGOTTEN OF THE DEAD.

Seed of David…Joseph thy son of David…

Luke 3:23

And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli,

the word here….BEING… means he WAS this…(as was supposed) merely means that the people of his day thought this…but the word BEING, shows that he was the son of Joseph.   But of course the Book of Lies denies this.  So the people believe the book of lies.

John 1:45

Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.

John 6:42

And they said, Is not this Jesus, the son of Joseph, whose father and mother we know? how is it then that he saith, I came down from heaven?

Not one soul in the days of Jesus was expecting or looking for a godman.  They never heard of such a thing.  It was never prophesied.  They were not looking for a god incarnate.  They never heard of such a thing.  It was not prophesied.

They were looking for a PROPHET like unto Moses, from among their brethren…themselves.

In Hebrews it said he was made in all points like unto his brethren.  He was tempted in all point like us, yet without sin.  God cannot be tempted with sin.

You must call the entire Holy Scripture a lie to hold to your lies that Mary had God-seed implanted in her womb and brought forth a person who was a god, or part god, or any such thing.

You will lose your soul holding to that book of lies.  I have proven every word with written Scripture.  Those of you who disagree, (and I am sure most of you  do)…bring forth one Scripture from the Holy Word saying what you say.  You cannot do it.  So you will cling to the book of lies.

By: Jo Smith   Jan 27, 2016

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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