Are You A Child of Satan?

so, what scripture shows egg hunts has anything to do with the resurrection of Jesus? Not one. or is it that you all KNOW it is idolatry and your goddess of fertility means more to you than truth? or Jesus?
Well, at the judgment you will be denied eternal life.
Jesus said FORSAKE THESE IDOLS if you want life.

In the OT, after a person refused to go free, when it was offered, the master bored a hole in the person’s ear. After that, he could NEVER GO FREE.
Scripture says, he that being OFTEN reproved, and hardens his heart and refuses to turn from his SINS, shall be cut off and that without remedy.
Larry and I have both reproved you over and over for these sins, and yet you close your ears and eyes and REFUSE to be corrected.

Jesus will cut you off. I see many already, who refused to be corrected years ago, and are too blind right not to ever come to truth.

When a preacher says, I do not preach for MONEY, and yet he takes a salary, he is a LIAR AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM.

Yet these same BEASTS are held up in the highest esteem and people who teach truth are totally rejected.
People just HATE TRUTH. They are NOT going to leave their idols and serve the true Jesus. Yet they still believe the lies of their hypocrite preacher/church, THAT THEY ARE SAVED.

God gave me a dream many years ago. I saw the ‘church’ prostituting to get money for the church, and thought it was alright, for they were doing it for the church.
They had halloween carnivals, to get money for the church, and thought it was fine.
They had all kinds of sins going on, to get money for the church, and God called it spiritual adultery.

That is where you all are now with your sinful holidays; pretending it is for Jesus. Yet you cannot find one single scripture for such UNGODLY things.
Proves you are not into God, for His Word is God.

You care not one thing for what God said about anything.

You pay a preacher…it is the mark of the beast.
He takes pay… it is the mark of the beast….yet you cannot tell, for you do not receive revelation from God.
Your lying preacher is certainly not going to show you any truth, for he knows none.

He is a servant of satan,…else he could not lead you into worshiping the goddess of fertility and shaming Jesus that way, saying it is to celebrate his resurrection/


Like me or hate me….matters not to me… I am teaching the truth of God and He will show it someday,…the terriorists are at your door,…and still all you can think about is your IDOLS.
Don’t come telling me you are a Christian when you cannot part with your IDOL WORSHIP.

By: Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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