Who is the Beast?

Here is a little something I wrote on Yahoo, in answer to a question about who is the beast against God: (I know, as I said, this is just simply not being taught, due to everyone just following the already made-up lies, which have no true Scripture backing….but if you are never exposed to this truth, you will probably never know how to get the real truth)….

I cannot explain enough of this, here, due to not enough space, to show it to you… and I am sure you probably never heard this…..but God revealed it to me. It fits all scripture. If, after you read this, you or anyone else, wishes to learn more on this, email me, and I will give you the link to my site, where I have messages written explaining it.
The fourth kingdom, to rule the world was LAW. Yes, law, under Moses. The first kingdom was the Lion, = Adam. Adam was the head over mankind, until the flood.
After that, the bear kingdom, under NOAH. He was the second head or kingdom.
Then came the kingdom with 4 heads = the three sons of Noah + Abraham.

Then that kingdom which was the worst of all, trampled down the world and took over = law, under moses.

I know. But God revealed this. I know, it is not common knowledge. But it fits the whole Scripture. In Rev. that 1 seven headed beast, is a combination of all these 4, is the seven churches, in Rev.
They are the image of this first beast, the dragon, which is the OT system, under these 7 heads.
But the last one, Moses, (Law), is that terrible 4th kingdom. Those ten horns are its ten commandments, which IF YOU DISOBEY, YOU ARE KILLED.

Jesus abolished this, 11Cor 3. BUT THE CHURCH REVIVED THIS LAW HEAD.

Now that LAW is what spoke against God and wore out the saints. Peter said, in Acts 15, that law was a heavy burden, which no one could bear.

Under law, it is OBEY or be killed. not so in Grace.
those ten commandments are what wears out the saints. if you break ONE YOU ARE GUILTY. so if you go back to law, you FALL FROM GRACE, and will be lost. so said Paul.

The catholic church is part of this NT 7headed beast; but so is all the rest. Only that one true Church, at Pentecost, is a true church. That true Church will return one more time.

But that false church, under LAW, has been killing the saints of God, since Adam deceived Eve.

This will go on until THAT TIMES, TIMES AND HALF TIME… so says Daniel. Then Jesus will do away with that false 7headed church. Read Isa 1… It is a great eye-opener. God HATED THAT OLD LAW SYSTEM. IT SPOKE EVIL AGAINST HIM, FOR HE IS A GOOD OF GRACE. Adam is that ole serpent, who deceived the world and makes them think God wanted law, animal sacrifices and such. But God denies this is several scriptures.

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