Going to Church? or In the Army of God?

going to church is not the same thing as being in the army of God. It is so far from it, you will never even have any idea what it means.
all the evil flourishes, unhindered, in this world.

too many who say, I am a christian, want nothing more than to be entertained at church on sundays and xmess…
You will not try to gain enough faith to speak or pray against the evils that are destroying this world.

If some of you could begin exercising the power that Jesus gave to his disciples, we could stop satan and his evil army without any trouble at all.

but where is anyone to help? all you church folks want it to hear some singing, a 30 min talk, xmess parties, egg hunts, trunk or treats, new years doings, etc.

You are not even into the things of God at all. not one bit. violence and destruction and crooks are eating away at our very life and you just wait to see how it willl go.

No, Jesus said, bind those evil forces and cast them into outer darkness. tell me which pastor is doing that? which church member is doing that. why do you just sit back and let satan destroy everything?

why do you not rise up and begin doing what Jesus said to do? fight this evil. speak it out of existence. if you say we can’t ADMIT YOU DO NOT BELIEVE.
Jesus said we could and SHOULD.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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