some folks think they know God’s word and will ban me every time I post truth on their site. they say, the KJV has error, for it uses the word ‘EASTER’ in Acts 12….and they say it should be passover.

see their own ignorance causes them to call the word of God a lie.
No, that word is NOT PASSOVER.

the wicked herold was NOT honouring passover, or Jesus’ resurrection or anything else good.

He was killing the apostles and you think he was going to honour a christain thing and wait till they had their egg hunts before he proceeded to kill Peter?

such ignorance.

that wicked murderer was not honouring anything to do with Jesus.


Yes, folks, the true Church has nothing to do with this ungodly heathen holiday. it was the wicked king Herold that was doing EASTER.

so now, what are you?

and I was banned for standing up for this truth. sure, they think they are on top of the ladder with truth….they have nothing but a Pharisees self glorying.

There is no such thing as easter or any other ‘holiday’, or ball games or such, in Heaven.
Folks are either so ignorant of truth, or they are trying to tear Heaven down to become the carnal mess that this earth is in.

after all, these holidays are DEVIL WORSHIP. so why would it be in heaven? you people who wish to go to heaven had better get concerned with the truth and study to show yourselves approved to God.

No devil worshiper is in or going to heaven.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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