Jesus Was The First Person

JESUS Christ is the first person to stand before God to be judged.
in fact, he is the only person who will ever stand before the Father to be judged by the Father.
Rev. 5 shows Jesus being brought forth to stand before God to be judged by his works.

Jesus had nothing but good in his balance. He had obeyed God and pleased God in all things. So he was rewarded with the highest reward available to anyone. He was given the spirit of the Lord God for his eternal abode. He became one with the spirit of the Lord God.
Mind you, this spirit is NOT THE FATHER who is sitting on that throne.

Jesus was rewarded by God to become our Lord and our God; to be worshiped as God and have all the same power and authority as God himself has.

so see how the false doctrine that the baby Jesus was God blinds you to these great truths.

After Jesus took that Book of his life he was given to sit on the throne of God. at God’s right hand.

Now Jesus is the judge of this earth and we will all stand before Jesus and be judged by his teachings.

did you obey? did you teach his truth? what is written in your book? you will receive the reward or punishment for the things you did in your body; the things written in your book.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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