What is the Real Problem?

what is the REAL problem in america? truth is, no one wants to know or do the thing God requires….for Him to remove our enemies and deliver us.
No one want to acknowledge their part in this evil coming to our land.
God told us what causes it and what to do about it……but….
due to ministers glossing over the R E A L sin, people refuse to come into TRUTH AND do what God said.
If… MY PEOPLE, called by MY NAME….will….do what? turn from their WICKED WAY….. no chance.

easter bunnies….colored eggs….in a basket…. trees decorated… turkeys… devil costumes…. etc….. ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS.
Now there is the problem…
You can have the SINFUL NOTION, to say all of this is to CELEBRATE THE RESURRECTION of our crucified and tortured saviour? what?
and the birth of same?
so….where did God say do this DEVIL WORSHIP JUNK IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD.


But …no way.. .blame it on any and everything else, but not that devil worship your CHURCH gets you involved in….. like it or not…this is the evil that God so much hates…. I D O L A R T Y.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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