I Wish To Tell You Something

I want to tell you all something. Our reason for being on this earth is not to try and find happiness, riches, friends or even too much health.
Our reason is not for SELF.
God said, you have chosen your own way and it brings death.
Nothing in this life is here to stay. It changes many times and what we had yesterday is gone today.
much of what we have today will be gone tomorrow.

God did not put us here to enjoy this life. We may get to at times, but that is not what we are here for.
countless people of all ages suffered miserably and lost everything they had.
We are not to cling to anything too hard or anyone, for they are not with us to stay.

we have only one real purpose and if you fail that, trying to make your life grand and easy, you will lose it all in the end.
No matter what we suffer or do without, or even may have, none of it is our purpose.
When You live for self, to find joy, happiness, good times, you are missing the very reason for existence….
and that is
to find God for real. To give yourself totally to his will.
if you fail to do this, in the end you will lose it all, even your own life.

Young people may not see this but as we age, we see it more and more. nothing is here to stay. nothing is permanent, not even our own lives.
We must prepare to meet God or we have failed at it all.

By the time you reach the age that I am now, you will have lost many times and much. many of the people you loved are now on the other side.

We must prepare to suffer whatever comes our way and draw closer and close to God, not choosing our own way, or lose eternally.

Jo Smith.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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