Is Jesus God? Question Answered Again!

Well, here I go again: an answer I gave at Yahoo, when asked, is Jesus son of God, or God the son: (if no one ever gets this truth, at least I will have tried)….. I wonder, do people ever really study the Word of God? It surely seems not so. Why, oh why, do they continue to quote all these lies against God’s truth, life-time after life-time? These people who answered here, ahead of me, have not one single word of SCRIPTURE to prove what they are saying, therefore, it is THE DEVIL’S WORD they are teaching, NOT THE WORD OF GOD.
No, the JW do not have it right either, but they are close than any of the other ‘churches’.
There is no such thing in all of God’s word, as any trinity.
There is no such thing as God the Son.
It is not possible.
The son is NOT GOD.
The only begotten Son of God, the resurrected CHRIST, was given the honour of sitting on the throne (power ) of God, ruling now as God, in God’s stead, and called our Lord and our God, because God gave this to him.

Not one religion out there, that I am aware of , not the JW, not baptist, not catholics or any others TEACH THIS TRUTH.

Yet it is what God’s word says.

Heb 1.
Jesus was begotten by God AT HIS BAPTISM, and born, as Son of god, at his resurrection.

This is also a truth, none of the so-called churches out there teach. So not one of them is teaching God’s truth. They are all teaching a satanic message.

Shocking, isn’t it.

Jesus is the son of God, so says many verses. Yet not one says, God the son. Not one mentions this ‘three-person’ god.
Not one says God is a person.
Jesus said, GOD IS A SPIRIT.

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I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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