Who Is Christ?

The head of man is CHRIST. But what, who is Christ? Any idea? All who are baptized by the Holy Ghost are baptized into the body of CHRIST, and have put on Christ; therefore we are the Christ. see?
I am in Christ and Christ is in me, so I am part of the head of man.

Man is unregenerate sinners.
Only in the human, unsaved crowd, is this applied that man is over woman. Not so in Christ. Not for one minute.
God never set this up. Adam, serpent, did.
Jesus stopped it and set it back right, on equality. Equality is the very heart of nature of God. Without equality, there is no grace or Christianity. it is back under death/law.
So any woman who has the Holy Ghost is part of Christ or Christ, and therefore the one to teach/preach, heal and all others things Christ is to do.
Men without the HG are not qualified.
Now you have heard the truth.
Will you, can you accept it?
Dare anyone say the Holy Ghost in me, the Christ in me, cannot teach?

When a woman has the Holy Ghost, it is said that she has a ‘man’ in her. Peter said, let it be the hidden MAN of the heart. It says if we are led of the Spirit, we are sons of God. So see, the one with the HG is the MALE, and the head. Men who do not have the HG are not the male which Scripture speaks of. they are simply the man, who is spiritually female.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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