Do You Walk In Darkness?

The reason people walk in darkness and under great delusions is fully explained in Scripture.
Because they received not a LOVE FOR THE TRUTH, God will send them strong delusion, that they will believe a LIE AND BE DAMNED who loved not the truth.
I am here to tell you all, it is not just the JW; it is all people in all denominations. They are all under great delusions, of one kind or another.
Another Scriptures says, God will chose their delusions. These people who refuse to listen to what we say, and take it to Scripture and either prove it right or prove it wrong; same with what their ‘church/organization’ tells them, then they do not love the truth
When we show them what Scripture says, and they reject this and cling to their lies, which are not written in Scripture, then, (this is what god told me),….they CHOSE TO BELIEVE A LIE and be damned, because they do not love the truth.
They love their organization more than they love god. Just because slick tongues can twist something this way and that way, does not make it be true. when even one single verse, quoted exactly, proves their lie cannot be true, and yet they cling to the lie, this is their choice for their lifetime.
They chose death rather than life; they chose darkness rather than light.
So they are bound in the chains of darkness, held to the day of wrath and judgment.

God commanded us not to add even one word to his word. so if you cannot prove what you say with pure written Scripture, then you do not have it right. If you must add phrases, words, thoughts, to the Word of God, to make it fit your belief, then you chose to believe a lie.

Jesus spoke to his disciples of the end. They said but Malachi said Elijah must first come. Why is this? why has Elijah not come if this if how it is? Jesus told them, Elijah has already come and they did to him what they wished. Then they understood that he spoke of John the Baptist.

Now I am telling you all, NO MORE IS SAID THERE. Jesus did NOT say, but look for another one. Another one will come and forerun my second coming. I ask you, why didn’t Jesus tell us this, if it is true? How can you say this without sinning, by adding to God’s word? If you say another elijah was to come in our day, you are adding to God’s word, which is strictly forbidden by God. So anytime one word is added to Gods word, IT MAKES A LIE. If you love that lie, you are under great delusion. How many will love this truth when you hear it? If you do not love the truth, you will believe a lie and be damned; so said Gods word. 11Thes 2:11,12. Read this and see; do you love the truth? Or will you hold to your lies? it will have eternal consequences.

Published by Tweety134

I love Jesus. And I only read the King James Scriptures.

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